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I now know that part of the requirements for being eligible for acceptance into ceertain cpa networks is having a quality website. thus the networks knows better what represents standard, quality and acceptable web site.

pls help. which particular websites did the network you work with approve before accepting you to become a lead generation publisher.

let me the basic standards.
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    There are only two criteria.

    1) What country you live in
    2) The kind of mood the person approving the application is in at that moment.
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    hmm nice question, as i also had a same question in ma mind , i'll start ma cpa camping soon
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    They really want to know that you're not someone out to scam them and that you have a simple understanding of affiliate/CPA marketing so you don't waste their time. A simple blog with your contact info and a paragraph or two describing how you do affiliate/CPA for a living should be adequate for many.

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    start out by saying your going to do ppc and you dont have a website there going deny you ok thats fine then call them and have a nice talk with the girl and answer her questions, everything will be fine.

    AIM zbestcpa

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    Yea, mostly say you do ppc if you don't have a site up. Or you can say you do email marketing.

    Visit my blog at
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