Incentive CPA Network?

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Hey all,

Essentially I'm looking to run a little side project and in an effort to not get banned or suspended from any companies that I would otherwise have an interest in working with, I wanted to reach out to you guys and see what experiences you've had.

So, essentially, I'm looking for an incentive cpa network, that will allow me to compensate people for an action.

**I'm posting this thread, because I'm not so sure such a thing exists**

So for example, if my offer payout was $1.40, I would pay somebody .40 cents to complete the offer.

I'm not sure if this is called a specific type of incentive advertising or if it's just hush hush or what ;P

Anybody have any thoughts?

Comments, concerns?

Thanks again everybody for your time,

- Jon
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    I'm fairly certain this type of incentivizing is not allowed.

    The way I've always understood incentivized CPA offers was that the actual incentive had to fall under one of these 4 categories:
    • Content Locking
    • Soft Incent
    • Points Incent
    • Virtual Currency

    The important point here is that none of these have direct monetary values. The only exception is "points incent" which means that you'd offer "points" in exchange for filling out your offer, but those points may be used towards a cash reward/ prize. But you cannot directly offer an incentive with a monetary value.

    Hope this helps.
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    You can pay someone to complete the offer if the offer is "cash-incentive".
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      Yeah I've just done a little digging...

      It's called "Hard Incent" or "Cash-incentivized" like you said.

      I guess a huge problem with it though it the lead quality and scrub rate (Shocker). Thanks for the replies guys!
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    Doing offers isn't a job and you can't just 'pay people' to do them. Generally, cash incent offers are used on GPT or rewards sites to allow advertisers to get the word out about their product or service or to capture information from the user to market to them in the future. This is about the advertiser making money, not any of us. While it's certainly wonderful that we have this opportunity, if the advertiser doesn't make money neither will we.
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