Teespring less than 10 colors problem - please help

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On teespring I got my designer to make me an incredible design but the problem is that when I put it on the shirt, it keeps saying that I have more than 10 colors.

How do you guys fix the 'more than 10 colors problem' while still keeping the high quality design intact?

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    Go into your closet right now and count how many of your tee shirts use more than 10 colors?


    This is a limit imposed by Tee Spring simply because it would become too expensive (and probably labor intensive) to have printed. I think 10 colors is extremely generous. I haven't done any campaigns myself on tee spring, but I've been studying it for awhile now and you'll notice that some of the most successful shirts are 1 color. Typically white contrasted on the negative space of the background (which is usually a dark color).

    I know this isn't the answer you were probably looking for, but past tee shirt campaigns have shown us that more colors does not necessarily equal a better selling shirt.

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      Ok...but how do you adjust the image in photoshop so it's not more than 10 colors?
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    In photoshop hit "Save For Web". In the next panel that comes up, at the top, it'll say "select color amount" or "colors" or something like that. Just change that value to 10 and save it as a gif.
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    Unless you're tripping on LSD - why do you need a Tee with 10 colours?
    I Sell What People Want. The Money Is A Bonus..
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      I have seen this before as well. I doubt he's actually using 10 colors. I made a B&W image that must have had enough shading in it that teespring's crappy interface read it as 10 colors.

      Hobook, if you had a designer make the shirt for you have him/her adjust the coloring for you, get it down to 2 or 3 colors, if possible.
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