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hi warriors !!

can any one explane to me how the Conversations Ads work and how much they cost and how we can make real cash with them

thank you
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    no one :/ were are u
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    well well iknow that already but what is the difrent between clicks to website and website conversations !!
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    A click is where someone just clicks on your link, a conversion is when someone signs up to your list or buys something from you.

    With conversions, FB will give you a tracking pixel to use, and you can set a "target bid per conversion". I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds like it could either be CPM or CPC and they try to get it close to your target, but could possibly go over, while trying to optimize for conversions.

    With clicks, you will never pay more than your max CPC.
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    is this mean that you only pays when the bayer purshase ?
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    No, I don't think so. At least, their wording is too nebulous for me to know for certain. I think you are either paying for clicks or impressions, but their algorithim tries to optimize that for conversions.
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    Personally I use the clicks to website, i like this as I have more control over the bidding than the conversions.
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    Go for direct website clicks . you will get better results .
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