If your Ad was ever rejected by Yahoo! Stream Ads or others I want to know about it

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Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself. My name is Igor. I am a creator, writer, and inventor. New to marketing though - my experience is limited to a few advertising campaigns with Yahoo stream ads, Bing and Google. Browsed the forums, and was really impressed with the amount of knowledge, as well as the breadth and quality of information, and especially with positive spirit throughout the posts I read.

I just started promoting my book "Killing America Slowly" on Yahoo! stream ads, Bing, and Google. My ad on Yahoo stream ads was rejected for these reasons: Relevant Text, Political Ads, Religious Ads - although Yahoo couldn't tell me what political party or what religion I was promoting, etc. After some back-and-forth with them, I realized it was useless. However, this gave me an idea for a book comprised of rejected ads.

So, if your text ad and/or graphic ad was rejected, I want to know about it, along with the following details: a website you wanted to promote or a reasonably short link to a page, obviously the ad, who rejected it and why, and the story behind it. If you have something funny, cute, or plain interesting related to this ad - feel free to include as well.

First, I hope I don't violate any rules by asking for this information, and, mods, if I do please let me know and I will adjust my request accordingly.

Second, please don't hijack my idea - unless you point out to a bunch of books on the subject, and in such case I thank you in advance for saving me time and aggravation.

Third, I want to point out why sharing this information with me so that I put it in a book, has the potential to benefit every submitter. Once the book is published, and hopefully a lot of people will be reading it, they will discover a website along with every rejected ad - thus, generating an additional traffic for those websites.

Fourth, please don't crowd this thread with your submissions. Simply email me to: rejections@ig-enter.info . I would ask you to PM, but with the limit of 10 messages that's not going to work. Again, if providing my email in the thread violates any of the forum policies, I apologize and will adjust accordingly. What I would encourage to post in the thread: your comments regarding the idea of a book, the fact that you submitted your rejected ad to me (allows me to make sure I didn't miss an email while at the same time allows others to see how many ads were rejected), and any other comments.

Fifth, this is for those who decide to submit their rejected ads. Please understand that you are giving me your permission to include your ads and other related materials you send me in the book. Otherwise, I would have no right to publish it. The only assurance I can give you is that the information you submit to me is for the book only, and will not be used for any other purpose, nor shared with anyone else.

Sixth, please be specific in what you want to be included in the book, and what you don't want to be included. For example, some people may want to promote their names, others don't.

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