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Anyone doing this?

I'm currently a part of Astoria and MundoMedia and I am looking to promote some pay per call offers on some websites via banner advertising.

Mostpeople these days are using Adwords to direct pay per call offers via mobile traffic and it's not something I'm really interested in.

I wanted to try doing something along the lines of:

Banner Ad (Media Buy) > Landing Page w/ sales copy & phone # (offer)

Anyone doing this? Suggestions from the CPA experts?

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    No one knows anything about pay per call?

    The best thing you can do is put yourself out there.

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    Pay per call isn't really talked about much on this forum. It's not like ppv where you can literally find step-by-step guides to making it work.

    I've been grinding it out for a couple of months now, and I'm making decent money. It takes some balls and discipline, though, if you're using Adwords because it's expensive at first. That's the only method I've used to promote, but I am designing some fliers to test it out in the offline form.

    I do know that pay per call tech support offers do well with ppv. My AM wanted me to try it out, but I have zero experience in ppv. I just want to concentrate on Adwords and Bing for now. You just need to test it out and see. I would throw an email submit box on your landing page to capture those customers who may not be in the mood to talk on the phone.

    Good luck!
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    As Kindlution stated, pay per call is an adwords game (ie. search advertising).

    Some affiliates are using PPV to trick users into calling for anti-virus support (usual grey-area nonsense).

    1 affiliate on my site mentioned having success with printing flyers for car insurance, and placing them on cars.

    Ultimately, display is a hard shell to crack for pay per call, but the upside potential is HUGE since it's primarily untapped with pay per call.
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    I've built display campaigns with PPC built in. I'm not going to divulge all my secrets, but it has been very profitable for me. Anyone who says it can't be done hasn't tried enough. I don't see too many other affiliates doing this, so being ahead of the pack, I've got a huge headstart once others try to jump on-board with the same tactics.
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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