What gravity number is worth promoting?

by xtraco
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Is it worth promoting products with gravity number below 60?
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    Gravity simply means there are more affiliates promoting it at the moment.

    I've done ads for products on a very small, niche scale that had very low gravity and were still very profitable. Gravity is a good indication that a product is doing well for many different affiliates, but it doesn't mean you will do well with it, as well.
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    I go for products I have or I can get a review of with a score of 10-80.

    The are much easier to to rank for.

    Too high, and the competition may be too tough. Under 10 and no real point.

    I use video 99% of the time.




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      Does this help in clickbank sales using video instead of a sales page??
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    I look at it's domain's alexa rankings... it's a decent indicator of how much traffic that site is getting. Then look at the keywords to see how much volume they're getting and if it's worth targeting... videos still rank pretty fast so that's a cool tip ya. But I'd research the product to make sure it's legit. No point promoting something people will end up refunding. Plus if it's a bad product, it'll make you look bad as well if you try to promote it. ;-)
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    I wouldn't say always go off gravity, it's like network epc, it's something to help gauge the offers, but in the end you could make more off of an offer with the lowest gravity than one with the highest
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    I have been told anything higher that 80!! But this all depends on the niches involved. if its above 80, then you know its a good seller. Hope this helps
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