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Hi Warriors! (Website Link)

I've spent many months working through the myriad of advertisement platforms on the internet but sadly, I'm at a loss. Despite trying what I feel to be every popular service available, I can't seem to find one that ticks all the boxes.

We're currently attracting about 240,000 UV's per month with about 400,000 PV per month. This is a quiet period so the stats can spike during busier times.

I was banned from Adsense about 6-7 years ago and had the appeal denied (risk of producing invalid click activity). Since that time I've tried GAO, A4G, Intergri, CPMStar, Ad2Game and about a dozen others.

We use BSA for our banner advertisements and that works quite nicely. We average $0.30 CPM. We've been promised more a million times by other providers but it's never been delivered. Convinced this as high as we're going to get with this traffic, we're currently not looking to switch from BSA for our banners.

We want to expand our advertising arsenal to include a site skin and an interstitial. However, the only services we've found that offer these either have awful targeting, poor CPM or terrible display.

This is the kind of thing we're looking for:
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I would appreciate any help/tips/information you can give that may help improve our revenue. I've tried just about everything I've ever heard of but I'm hoping I'm missing something lol
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