Designing Highly Converting Landing Pages For Your Media Buy Campaigns

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Are you an action taker? Nothing beats taking actions, read all the tips in the world you want and you won't make any money if you don't take this should have being part 3 for the "Make your first $1000 - $2000 with media buy campaigns" thread series i started...(in the first 2 parts we discussed about part 1- how to set up a profitable campaign with less than $500 budget and part 2- how to select your offer...but they both got deleted for reason - Multi-parts thread aren't allowed. Yikes!

Not fully aware of this law I intended on creating a set of go to threads for setting up profitable media buy campaigns, but seems like i'm going to take a fellow warrior Saintsfan40 advice and create a WSO; this way everybody gets the full guide (i've got time on my hands, hackerschool comes up in late june so you'll be getting unlimited email/skype support - call me your media buy coach!)

Well, hope i don't get banned or this thread gets deleted for any thing i've said above!! (MODs - this isn't a multi-part or follow thread, so pls don't delete it!)

(i could only add 20 images in this post which will be insufficient - the up coming wso will be in full)

Warning: Long epic post ahead!!

Somebody's being taking actions, on his best day making $342 with clickbank products but like the common headache for every clickbank affiliates...he's fed up with the

He's a warrior and his name's pimppickle...he contacted me and we had a few email chats...

After 64 sales and a 11 refunds he's considering making a switch to Moreniche - which is a good idea, i personally don't like ClickBank because i first started out back in 2008 with it and it was painful to always wake up in the morning with fingers crossed wanting to see some sales only to find $0...never had much of a success with clickbank...i'm a health offer guy!

Anyways in our chats he raised a few questions which you would relate to too if you're interested in making money media buying.

He asked:

1. What ad networks do you actually suggest to use with moreniche items:

This question will be answered in the WSO i'm presently putting together, which should have being Part 4 & Part 5 - Finding A Media Buy Traffic Source & Scaling Your Media Buy Campaign to six figures...

2. On the landing page, what kind of content do you normally have? Reviews, articles?

This will be answered here as we discuss designing your landing page...

3. You don't do any kind of direct linking do you?

Will be answered here...

4. Do you actually use the banners that are provided by moreniche or do you create your own?

No you don't use the pre-made banner ads you're given, you create yours, the full details on how to design ads will be detailed in the wso...Max Teitelbaum who made 20k per day created all his ads in MSPAINT - vintage ugly style!

Now the post...

Why use a landing page? Why can't I just direct link my ads to the offer's page?

Those are popular questions that needs be addressed in case you haven't had it cleared out for you...

While direct linking will work and will drive conversions but by using a landing page you can drive even more conversions - the reason is a good landing page will pique curiosity and increase the prospect's desire to complete the action (sale).

Direct linking sure works but not in all niches, usually you direct link when you're promoting Click Installs offers (as in facebook app install) or the Submit offers (as in e-mail or zip-code submit)...

I'm going to be showing you how to make both a regular lander and a video lander...vintage ugly style!...

Video is an excellent content strategy that's much more powerful than text (converts better than text)...and it's not just we the affiliates that are using
it brands like Coca Cola are using video on their landing pages, tech titans like Apple, Microsoft and startups like Dropbox, HostGator and CrazyEgg (heard of them?) are all using it.

CrazyEgg; a web analytics tool website said they drove an extra $21,000 in a month just by swapping text for video.

But even though we've seen video in all its power and glory we simply can't deny the potency of the regular text and images lander now can't we?

And then again in this business nothing's working (converting) unless it's tested which is why you'll be creating both...and split testing both to see which one is working best for you.

Now in order to create a landing page you need have certain design skills


You're ready to outsource it to someone else for a fee


You possess a special Wordpress theme/plugin like the OptimizePress which spits out professionally looking websites without you touching code.

Like I mentioned earlier in the deleted part 1 if you can't design...buying the optimizepress for a onetime fee of about $97 is far the better option than having someone do it for a fee all the time you need a lander...just by point clicking you'll whip up professionally looking websites in minutes...also you'd check out the WSO area if anybody is offering a theme like that for the regular subsidized price.

That settled let's talk about building a video landing page first:

Building a Video Lander...

There are three formats you could use for your video:

• Animated video;

• Presentation video;

• Talking-head video.

But here we'll have to go with only the presentation video because it fits perfectly right into our scheme of things - it's far easier and cheaper to create and it's just as powerful as the others.

You won't be filming anything, you just create slides in a PowerPoint suite or Keynote if you're on a mac then convert them to video...simple!

Now let's go right into the most important part of a video - the script.

The script is the most important part of the video if it sucks then everything pretty much goes up in flames!

What's A Script?

The script is the content - people aren't going to click through your ads to see your beautifully designed video lander with no content - now have you ever seen one of those presentation videos playing?

You know, the black text, images on white slides with a soft music playing in the background and a voice over.

Got examples i could show you if you want...

You going to have about 22 - 24 slides written for a 90seconds video play-time (mustn't exceed 90s) - writing for each slide about 5 - 11 words, and you're also have to find and use stock images to drive a point home; (you know the "see dog; show dog" approach) A picture is worth a thousand words. They are going to help convey a stronger meaning to your writings. A slide with an image would have less-words - say 5.

Also i have the guide posted in the copywriting section "how to hire a copywriter on odesk"...just in case you can't seem to bring yourself to write your own copy.

Writing the script

Here's a quick post i've posted in the copywriting section "Creating campaign winning landing page copy without hiring an expert copywriter" - it ought to resolve any
difficulties you might have with writing copy!

Also you'd ask your affiliate manager what are best suited landing pages angles or hooks for this offer. Can I see one? You'd take a look at the "angles and hooks" of

those landers you're shown and incorporate it into writing your script.

And again you have the Competitive Intelligence tool - Whatrunswhere, you'd be able to see the exact landing pages your direct competition is using.(don't sign up

justyet for the WRW tool untill you're raring to go at full speed creating profitable media buy campaigns inorder not to waste your 1 week trial also there's a free

one from MIXRANK by Ilya Lichtenstein (great guy Ilya, this guy got me started in media buy after i saw his interview on mixergy also Max Teutelbaum the founder of

Whatrunswhere too - Max was making 20k a day for over a month period with media buys), though it's not as powerful as the WRW tool)

Now pimppicle have i answered your questions?

You have about 3 ways to get content ideas for your landing page...

1. you research and write it yourself - see that post in the copywriting section
2. ask your affiliate manager to know the best converting landing pages angles and hooks for your offer...can i see one?
3. use competitive analysis tools to discover (most converting) landing pages affiliates like you who are promoting the same offers as you.

Putting the video together...

By this time now you should have written the script then it's time to begin transferring the text to the slides...

I use Microsoft PowerPoint('07) to create all my slides; it's great and if you have any of the latest versions, I'm sure you could use it too...let's begin.

Launch MS PowerPoint...

And select the "Click to add subtitle" box then delete it leaving only the "Click to add title" box. Next up, create top and bottom borders -

Click on "Insert" on the dashboard then "Shapes" then from the dropdown menu select the "rectangle".

Insert two rectangles and drag them into position (top and bottom). Change the colors to black and the end result should look like this

Be sure to expand the box to fit by dragging the 4 sides of the text box as indicated above.

Another thing to note is you can have it as shown above black text on a white background or you can - like the master sales man himself Steve Jobs (RIP) have a white text on a blue background? Lose the top and bottom borders if you have to!

Now do the same for each slide and begin transferring the text to the slides using either Verdana or Tahoma fonts (I love Tahoma!); with every first letter in the sentence in CAPITAL and about 5-11 words per slide.

You're going to create about 22 slides - (that's about it for a 90s video and it shouldn't exceed 90s)

Next you should turn the slides into a slideshow and set the desired time of 3-4-5 seconds per slide...assign 3s to the slide with less text and 5s to the slide with much text and an image

Here's how to do that:

On the dashboard click on "Slide Show" then on "Rehearse Timings" and immediately you'll begin setting the seconds per slide.

You're not going to get it right the first time trying, but don't stop, keep trying until it's perfect.

Next, let's add sound to the video...

Adding audio to the slides

Having a clear voice read the text on the slides as the video plays is where the full effect of a presentation video comes together.

Clear your voice! You'll be narrating your video.

If your laptop's got a mic in-built, good; if not you should get one...

Also a clever idea will be to use the Smartphone app (VoiceRecord for Iphone or Android is pretty good).

And not to forget Fiverr...for 5 bucks you'd get a very very good voice-over; just hand him/her the written script -

Now just before you begin voicing your slides, you need to know what you're getting into...

I believe all your years of being swamped with TV advertising; always interrupting your favorite shows will come in handy today like it did mine (actually I was able to incorporate a few things from watching ads on TV all my life) or if you don't watch TV then you should probably head over to Youtube.

Yeah head over to youtube...

There are lots of videos there, you'll also find presentation videos just like yours where there someone behind narrating the text slides as the video plays - if you notice, they aren't just reading the text off the slides, they're conversing, like they're talking to their best pal in a clear friendly voice.

Also their tone is extremely related to the context of the video, just watch plenty of those videos on Youtube if you have to and you'll pick up a few "narrating" ideas and incorporate them into yours.

Now time to follow the steps to voice your video with either a Mic or your Smartphone:

You going to have need Camtasia, - Camtasia is a screen-play editing software. It costs 300 bucks but don't worry, you'll be able to use it before the your 30 days trial runs out...there are also many related open source software online like Jing for example but we'll have to go with Camtasia because it's really top notch.

Google it, Download and install it then come follow the rest of the instructions below...What I like to do is; add both audios (the narration and a nice music playing softly in the background) to the PowerPoint slides first then have it converted to video format.

I say this because there's an option to record your voice directly into the slides simultaneously as the Camtasia record the slides.

That isn't the best way I found out because you want to be able to practice narrating the slides until you feel you're doing a good job with'll see what I mean

just follow my lead:

"Let" go:

Launch your PowerPoint slides...

By now the slideshow must have ready with the total time of 90s (4s per slide or 5s where there's much text and image)...

Right at the top on the dashboard, click on "Add-Ins"

You should find the "Add-Ins" there after you've installed the Camtasia (just in case you didn't find it you should launch the Camtasia then go to Tools, Options, PowerPoint; then enable PowerPoint Add-Ins).

As you can see in the image above "Record" that and immediately you should hit "Click to begin recording" real quick then bury the cursor by moving it to the lower part of your screen so it doesn't appear in the video.

When you reached the end of recording your slideshow, this will appear, prompting you to stop the recording.

You're going to use the Camtasia to cut it out so it doesn't show in the video.

Once you hit "Stop Recording" you'll be prompted to save the presentation. Save it and next this appears

Click OK and you'll be taken to the production wizard where you should select "Custom Production Settings" and click "Next"...

Next up, you'll be asked to select your output...

Just leave it at MP4-Flash/HTML5 player and click next...and then set the controller settings:

Leaving all others ticked; uncheck the "Pause at start" - that means the video will be set on auto-play...Next; from the drop-down menu select "Go to URL" - that means after video play ends it'll re-direct to your affiliate link (make sure to type in your affiliate link)...then click "Next"

Click "Next" again when Video Options appears after this; click "Next" again...when Marker Options pops up and then lastly click Finnish when Produce Video prompts you...

Mind you there's an option to rename the video to what it should be - usually you should use the title of the video as the name.

Once you hit Finnish, the video should begin're going to wait for a couple of minutes before you have your video ready.

Once Camtasia completes rendering your video, go up to your documents where you should find the Camtasia Studio folder, open it and you'll find another folder where the MP4 video should be...

If you play the video you'll find out you need to cut out this last part at the end>>>

Cut This Out

Let's do that now ...

Right in "Documents library" click on the "Camtasia Recorder Document"

Then the video begins playing in the Camtasia -

Now you're going to right click on the video to add it at the timeline below in the Camtasia...

Double-click on the "playhead" then drag it into position - exactly where you need to cut.

Then make a selection on the area you want to cut by double-clicking on the "red out point" (on the playhead) and then dragging it into position...

Then click the "scissors" to cut...

Then click "Produce and share"

Now you're going to go through the same procedure you did the first time following the same instructions.

Just follow the exact procedure as before.

Now that you have the video in MP4 format, you can begin voicing the slides by opening the video in one small window and then Audacity in another small window.

Google it and Download the Audacity (audio editing software)...

The idea now would be to click the record button on the Audacity and immediately click the play button on the video and begin voicing the slides with your mic or if

you're to going to use your Smartphone - you should have the VoiceRecord app open and ready's important your voice matches the slides as the video plays.

Once the video stops and you're done narrating the slides, you can click stop on the Audacity or on your phone.

You can edit the audio by cutting bad takes or fading background noise if there was any with Audacity.

Now here are few sites where you'll find free music to use for your video - Jingle, Pond5, Royalty Free Music and the using the free version of

You should pick the timing of the music to match the length of the video or another trick will be to cut the music into place using the Audacity.

Once you have both audios ready, you're going to have to go back to the powerpoint slide to add them. Let's do that now:

Launch the Powerpoint slides and click Insert then Sound

Add both audios from file...

Click "Automatically" then do the following as shown in the image below

Tick "Hide During Show" and from the drop down menu select "Play across slides". Do this for both audios...

As you can see - "Slide Show Volume"; do set the music volume "Low" while your voice volume "High".

Once that's done then you're going to have to go through the "boring" process again of creating the video with the Camtasia...I'm sure you know how.

Host on Amazon Web Services...

Now the finished video has to be hosted on a server and you can't host them on your own web site server...the Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an affordable (dirt cheap!), top quality hosting service.

They provide you with unlimited bandwidth and you'll only pay for what you actually use which will be charged to your credit card and payment can be made at the end of the month.

This is great 'cos hosting it on your web server will crash it due to large spike of traffic plus you'll be billed unexpected charges.

Now below are the steps to hosting your video on AmazonS3...

You're going to have to go to to sign up for Amazon S3 and CloudFront.(With Amazon S3 being the storage while CloudFront will deliver the content at a much higher speed.)

Sign up for an Amazon account, if you already have one from buying things there then that's you need to get an Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) account...

Go to and sign up

Once you're done signing up with AWS you'll need to look for the Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) it to sign up for it; you're going to need to put in your credit card details and follow the rest of the instructions to set up your account.

(Once you're successfully signed up, you'll be given the AWS Access Identifiers which should include your Access key ID and Secret Access Key. You need to keep these things safe, I suggest you create a txt file to store them and if you've lost them you can retrieve them by clicking on your web service account then choose AWS Access Identifiers to retrieve them.)

Now that you're signed up to the Amazon S3, you'll need to create a bucket (Amazon's terminology for root folder) - where you'll upload your video and to do that you're going to need some sort of interface program.

And the Firefox extension S3fox is exactly what you'll need, it's like a FTP program that allows you to create buckets and store files.

You're also going to need a Firefox web browser, I'm sure you have one. That settled, download and install the S3fox plugin...


Now launch the S3fox, go to "Tools" in the Mozilla browser then you'll see the "S3 Organizer" click on it to launch.

Now it's prompting you to set up an account, you'll find fields to fill like Account name, Access key and Secret on "Manage Accounts" at the top left of the S3 interface and input your data)

Once you've entered the correct information, you'll be brought to your account which by default is blank.

On the left is your local folders you have on your computer or simply call it "local view" while on the right is Amazon S3 or "remote view"...

Now you're ready to create a bucket, Right-click in the blank space at the remote view then click "Create Directory" (will create a new bucket).

Name the bucket whatever you want...

Double click to open that bucket and then upload the video - upload the video by first selecting it and then clicking the upload arrow as you see in the image below ...this should take a couple of minutes.

Once it's done uploading; good!

But by default anything uploaded in the bucket would not be made public; you need to make it accessible by the public.

Let's do that now - Right-click on the uploaded video at the remote view, and select "Edit ACL" then you should make sure

EVERYONE, AUTHENTICATED USERS, ME (OWNER) has READ access by ticking you can see in the image below:

Now it's time to enable CloudFront; go to your AWS account and click on the CloudFront tab. Then click on Create Distribution...

Once you click Create Distribution, this should pop up:

Select "Streaming" as the delivery method -

From the drop down menu, select your bucket -

Leave out the rest and select "Enable" then hit "Create"

Now you're finished; your domain is CloudFront powered and ready to stream - the domain should end with

That's that about hosting your video on Amazon web services...

Now you have to set up a wordpress site...if you haven't set up 1 before, then it takes about 4 steps to set up'd google it and follow the steps. One tip when choosing a domain - you need a generic domain name that'll house all your health offer landing pages - like for instance. You can use domain

name brainstorm tools like, Namemesh et cetera...also another tip is to use godaddy economy hosting plan - cost about $53 for a year plan.

Here's what I mean by having a delayed CTA button pop up at the end of the video

• Play your video on a clean video template

• You'll be able to set the video to auto-start (the video begins play immediately visitors land on the page without them clicking play), and no control bars.

• After the video plY TIME ends you can have the page redirect to the offer's sales page.

• And you can have a delayed order button or a "call to action" pop up near the end of the video.

For instance, the video in this video lander is playing:

Then when it's almost at the end of the video and it's ready to send the visitors to a next step of action.

Then right underneath the video as you can see an order button appears...

It'll be crude to have a CTA button right from the beginning of the video, but having it to appear at the end has a better effect on the prospects. You can also use call to actions - like Get it now for example.

You can do all of this with the Optimizepress without having to write any scripts or hire one who'd charge $399 or more.

Now here's a model video landing page:

Above is a simple model video lander you'd use when you're not generating leads.

As you can see it only allows just three things with no opt-in form:

• A powerful headline

• A sub-headline (optional)

• And the video playing right underneath (there will be lots of clean themes to select from)

The visitors will be redirected to the offer's page after play. Simple!

Here are a few parameters to remember when designing the lander with the optimizepress...

1. On auto-start
2. With no control bars
3. Redirects after play
4. And if necessary (this depends on your copy angle) - have a delayed CTA ready to appear at the end of the video...depends on your copy angle

And should I mention again you can do all of the above just by point-clicking instead of messing around with code?

Building the regular Lander...

The above lander is just perfect! And if you ask why then that's a good question!

What makes a lander perfect is it tells the visitors as fast as a machine gun can fire (metaphorically speaking) what they're to do.

You see when people click on your ads and head for your lander they want to solve a problem/satisfy a need/gratify a curiosity raised by the ad and when they get to your lander they don't want to see a giant block unreadable of text.
People decide whether to continue with a site in just seconds...

So you need to have a giant poignant headline which should be large enough; supported with sub-headline and as quick as a machine gun can fire what they are going to be doing! And not to forget the call to action buttons and text links.

You can't fail on this one; with an intelligence tool like WRW you'll have the power of crowdsourcing...

That's it with hosting your video on Amazon server and building the regular lander, now's time to install Google Analytics...

There are many tools available online to track your landers, ads; the most popular with affiliates will be the Prosper202, others are CPVlabs, Voluum et cetera But for now you should use Google Analytics; it does a fine job and it isn't too "techie".

There are tons of tutorials online on how to install google analytics...

Once you install it you have completed the steps to design your landing page...

If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to let me know below
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      Outstanding stuff!

      What's the point of having a sig if no one buys from you?

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    Good information. I have more questions if you want them, lol...j/k

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      Good information. I have more questions if you want them, lol...j/k

      Thanks for sharing.
      Shoot away!
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    So would you consider offering this as a service - you mentioned a WSO - I am accepted to a bunch of CPA companies and I choke at developing the ad. What would you charge?
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      So would you consider offering this as a service - you mentioned a WSO - I am accepted to a bunch of CPA companies and I choke at developing the ad. What would you charge?
      i'm thinking of $24...for the WSO
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    Gio, have you ripped other people's landing pages for a similar offer, but not the exact one you're promoting? Like a landing page for a fat-burner "A", but you are promoting fat-burner "B."

    Also, if anyone is worried about the video part, just search for your offer in youtube. Chances are someone else has already made a video. Just download it, and use theirs.
    It sounds bad to rip people's stuff, but it'll save you some time.
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    • Originally Posted by KINDLUTION View Post

      Gio, have you ripped other people's landing pages for a similar offer, but not the exact one you're promoting? Like a landing page for a fat-burner "A", but you are promoting fat-burner "B."

      Also, if anyone is worried about the video part, just search for your offer in youtube. Chances are someone else has already made a video. Just download it, and use theirs.
      It sounds bad to rip people's stuff, but it'll save you some time.
      Yes but not the exact word for word...that's the essence of the competitive analysis tool we use, we find top performing landing pages our direct competition are making a killing with and try to implement their copy into ours...when ripping other peoples' videos you might want to completely edit it to suit your offer and all...
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