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Can someone please inform how to publish landing pages? I see lots of videos on line but nothing on how they are hosted.

This is what I want to do. I want to target specific URLs/keywords with a LeadImpact for affiliate marketing and also drive traffic to a personal web site. Basically a click through page.

I see lots of products out there like Leadpages / Unbounce. Do I create the landing pages with them and simply copy the code and paste it into Leadimpact or do I need my own url for each LP (pop up) I have.

Also can anyone recommend any Landing page software.

Thank you
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    If you are using 3rd party services such as leadpages or ubounce, you will get a url from there which you can use it in your campaigns.

    But I wouldn't recommend you to go with that because it usually takes more time to load and add to that there are many other problems too while using with PPV traffic.

    Its always better to use your our own landings. Check out in youtube, you would get numerous tutorial videos on how make some simple landing pages orelse you can even try this afflanders.com

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    Here is a breakdown in simple terms, hopefully it is what you are looking for...

    1. You need to get hosting first somewhere like Liquidweb or BeyondHosting.

    2. From there you need to design a landing page or find one online (lots of free giveaways floating around), and upload it to your server via an FTP Client like Filezilla. You want this page to have links to your offer.

    3. Take the to the domain on the server where you uploaded your page, and put that in the ad in your PPV network.

    The step would be incorporate tracking via Sub-Ids, Tracking202 or CPVLab.

    Hope that helped!
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      Navigate to Marketing > Landing Pages > New Landing Page.
      Step 1: Name
      • Provide an internal Name for this landing page.
      • You can enter optional Vanity URL- that will replace the normally auto-generated address.
      Step 2: Select Form
      • If you are using an existing form, select Use existing form and choose the form from the drop down menu.
      • If you would like to create a landing page that does not include a form, select No form.
      Step 3: Content Layout
      Choose an option for the Content Layout to use a Layout Template
      • Selecting one of your Layout Templates allows you to create a new Landing Page based on the styling of an existing Layout Template in your account.
      Step 4: Landing Page Content
      If "My Layout Templates" is Selected:
      • Select the layout template to apply to the landing page.
      • You will see a thumbnail generated for each Layout Template that exists in your account.
      • Optionally filter through your existing Layout Templates by typing the name of the Layout Template in the "Filter" box.
      • You will also be able to sort Templates alphabetically and by the date the Template was created/updated.Enter any Opening General Content to be pulled in to the layout template. Note the Opening General Content section is limited to roughly 64kb of text, or 64,000 characters.
      Step 5: Confirm & Save
      Review the confirmation page to finalize your landing page.
      • Select "Preview Landing Page" to view the page before saving.
      • Click Confirm & Save to save your work.

      The URL for the landing page will be automatically created and will be displayed in the Link column once you save your new landing page.

      And for design a landing page you can look in to PrestaDesigner's Landing pages section, If you are planning to buy a new and unique design.
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    If you want some additional info on UnBounce you can visit MaxBounty's blog where this an article specifically on the UnBounce software and what it can offer CPA affiliates.

    Here's the link.
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    For additional advice and industry happenings, head over to MaxBounty's Blog!
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