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I am in the process of choosing my niche. I am most likely going to choose the fitness or nutrition niche.
What I want to do is look at sub niches 3 deep, as to specialize. I am now going to search WR for any & all topics on fitness & nutrition sub niches. So anyone who can advise & or send me to threads here that discusses such info is VERY much appreciated & will help me on my search time.
As always, best to you all.

I realize that I have listed 2 niches maybe, Fitness & then Nutrition.

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    Congrats for making your first step.
    What is WR?
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    Last time I check anything in fitness or nutrition is per sale, so not true CPA/CPL. Also, the market is extremely competitive and the margins are low, so you are usually competing for nickles and dimes in the end.

    The only thing worthwhile checking would be personal trainer referrals, but as 99.9% of them are individuals working for themselves simply referring a "potential client" on a per lead basis won't fly. Nutrition or fitness equipment would be better as there's loads of big companies that only do pay per sale.

    I would give finance a look, lots of medium sized broker firms willing to pay large sums for online enquiries ... and you can charge them for each call-in upfront

    Any questions just let me know,
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      Ok thank you both very much. WR & WF War Room & Warrior Forum
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    I would pick up a fitness magazine to get ideas. I would explore the web not WR for sub-niches. Other marketers aren't going to share good sub-niches.
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      Right i have been looking other places for the niches & subs.
      Great point as well thanks a lot!!
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