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Hi, there. I was writing here last year, on how I lost my job and that I need your help to make money, but no one respond. There were some comments only on that just go search and read stuff, and I have read about CPA and mobile marketing all there is to read, but no money at all. And after a year no job at all, no money at all. So once again, I'm asking you is there anyone who can teach me step by step on how to make at least $20 a day, from cpa, cpl, mobile marketing, whatever... Have in mind I don't have money to invest.

And Greedy, Chris and others thank you for you comments, but as I said I've read all but cannt find a right way to make it...

I've been doing free methods like youtube, facebook, and every other free method, I have a hosting and domain, been doing live streaming, games niches, tv, movie, and other stuff...mainly with content locking (pls don't tell me hold on one and do testing, spliting...have patience) I had it enough, but no money

I've been accepted in Adworkmedia, Maxbounty, Neverblue, Adsence, MgCash...and some other networks cant remember now

Hope someone outhere will help...Thank you!
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    Get into PPC marketing and affiliate marketing. All you have to do is create a website promoting something specific, add free content (by doing some research and putting everything in your own words and such), and some "premium" content that people have to buy. For example: I wanted to create an audiobook website called "audiolink" that practically posts free audiobooks and posts some affiliate audiobooks to make money from. Plus some ads on the side, etc.. If you can't pay for advertising, you have to try forming a community. Gather a community of people focused on a specific niche so they will keep coming back to your site + attract more traffic. You can do this through social media, forums, comments, gathering their emails, newsletters, blogs. You can advertise on other forums, and sites related to the subject. Once you get some start up money it will be a lot easier, and you will be able to find a good method and then pay for the advertising.
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    Pick a products which seems to have good traffic and high payouts. I would recommend you to find an offer that pays per lead instead of per sale. That way you can focus on your own work and does not depend on other people. Create a simple, but good looking website and start promoting the it by using PPC.
    This will be the fastest way to go and you will also have very targeted traffic to see if your website converts well or not. From there you can scale things up much more.

    Will be happy to help if you have any questions.
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  • How about you try Fiverr? Since you said you don't have any funds...if you're going to get into IM, you're going to need some kind of budget to pay for things. Why not start off by taking jobs on there and come back here to read great materials to get you started in CPA + Paid Traffic..
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    Hey, try writing articles, squido lenses in fiver and here in warriors for hire section. You can get clients from other IM forums aswell.

    $20/day is not a big deal if you are willing to work your ass off.
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      I'm on Fiverr, and Freelancer as well. I'm doing audio service, and poetry reading, or any other stuff to read, since once I was TV narrator and radio host for couple of years, so that's one of the things I can do. And I write poetry, have almost about 500 poems. Yes I can write articles, but the problem is English is not my first language On Fiverr I made $15 for the whole year Thank you for your advice
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        So from this moment I'm broke...spent all of my money. Anyone care to help, make some with any free methods. And pls don't tell me to read, bcs I have read it all there is on this forum, and I cant find solution. What I need is someone to show me how stuff works, not just tell me here read this, I need to have conversation and to explain me... if you can help me that's great, if not what can I say....
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    Making money is not a dream. It is easy if you follow some tips & tricks. There are a lot of ways of making money such as blogging, affiliate marketing, PPC , Forex etc. I prefer blogging and earning money from adsense. Adsense is the best ad publishing and earning media of the world. Know Guidelines for Adsense Approval
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    Keep reading this forum. Make sure you go into the Article forum and read the most viewed topics.

    And make a plan and stick to it. STICK TO IT.
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    Originally Posted by Herzog

    So once again, I'm asking you is there anyone who can teach me step by step on how to make at least $20 a day, from cpa, cpl, mobile marketing, whatever... Have in mind I don't have money to invest.
    Well, I can help you but I can already tell you without any sort of budget for advertising (i.e. PPC such as Adwords) you will face an uphill battle. I recommend at least a £300-400 PPC budget for Adwords - also a small chunk to outsource web design if you can't do that yourself. If you don't have any disposable cash I would recommend to get a credit card, but without any sort of budget you really won't be able to do proper CPA/CPL and make some decent returns.

    But happy to show you a few pointers if you'd like, you can PM me anytime or ask away on the Forums.

    Read my incredible story:
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    You can find lot ways here (like product selling, article writing and many more) but I want to highlight 1 important point and that is savings.

    It is also an important aspect when your money dried up.

    Put emphasized on this, it definitely help you in your critical situation.
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    I don't mean to be a )$*&, but the problem has nothing to do with the methods you are trying. I suspect every single one that you've tried works. Like any business, it takes work, grit, action, dedication, and persistence to get good at something. Sure, you can slap a few campaigns together and throw them against the wall and they may work...but unfortunately that type of approach doesn't work for 99% of marketers.

    My advice, again not trying to be a jerk, is to take whatever method you had the most confidence in that you've already tried (doesn't matter which one) and to just hustle at it and make it work.

    Posting general "what's the best way for me to make CPA work" will end up spinning your head instead of helping.

    Again, not trying to be a jerk, just giving you the same advice I would tell a friend or family if they were in your shoes.

    With that said, good luck...EVERY successful CPAer starts exactly where you're at right now. Use that as motivation to succeed!
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      Thank you for advice, right now I'm doing youtube, facebook fan pages, and have one page with 40k fans for some tv show. I was hoping to make a site for that show, and put it in the content locker for start, and make some youtube videos for it. Hope it will work. I did this before for other things but didn't make it. I had about $15 at fiverr, and I bought some gigs for it, so we will see...And if I make some money it goes to saving, so I can do paid traffic later. Thank you for your advice once again. All the best
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    most of the responses here are very good.

    How can I add, its simple, we have made thousands online by studying our competitors, and finding what they advertise and how they do it, and where too. Once you find why they keep advertising, you realise, its is working, so you reverse engineer that. its the secret to making BIG BICUITS online. Reverse engineer something that is already working.

    For us its about getting new fresh leads everyday, and turning them into clients. Over a while things works, adn others dont we just keep doing stuff that keeps working.
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