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Hi guys,

I had some trouble with advertising in the Google content network alone, which is why I switched to Microsoft's Adcenter..where I'm getting a reasonable amount of clicks, considering that it's only running for a week now..but I find Google to be..off.

1. First of all, I started my campaign, added keywords etc. about 2 hours ago..but does anyone know how long it takes before you start getting impressions? I have created an ad group around a tight cluster of keywords, meaning that if my ad would say (example) "fire extinguishing tips", I don't bid on "firemen"...but on fire extinguising tip, the plural version, fire extinguish tip, plural of that, and so on..so all keywords that are very similar.

I upgraded all the bids using Traffic Estimator stats, so this SHOULD allow me to get some impressions, right? But why am I not getting any..

2. I'm split testing two ads, with the only difference being the display url (and by that I mean I use 1 with mysite.com and thats it, and the other with mysite.com/keyword)..because it's recommended that you split test display urls too..but now someone says I can't test that in the same campaign, and I'm all confused? Why not? What IS possible to test with display url? Is THAT the reason for not getting any impressions?

3. How about that traffic estimator, I get the feeling that's is off too..that the data is INCORRECT..which makes me want to find another way of determining my bid strategy. What would you recommend? I have Keyword Elite, does that suffice?

Hmm..Google's supposed to be the best, and yet with Adcenter I had no start up trouble at all..plus Google's interface? Not very logical for me..

But anyways, I hope you can really help me figure this Google stuff out because after Adcenter it just confuses the crap out of me..lol..but this relative newbie seriously needs to get going with AdWords..because it seems that the assistent I hired for it knows less about AdWords then I do
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    I am also slowly getting fed up with Content Network.

    I often spend an insane amount creating/designing custom banners.

    I bid reasonable (like $0.40 - $0.50)...according to stats my avg position is 3-4, something like that, but i HARDLY get any impression. I have campaigns on content where i only get 10-20 impressions a day and i dont know why.
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    I know! That's why I stopped promoting on the google content network altogether, because A) the clicks aren't that cheap anymore and B) ROI? Say you sell advice for firemen, and your ad shows up next to an article for firemen, by firemen..then it's LESS targeted then a google search = almost equal prices but less profit

    But hey...who can tell me why Google doesn't give my any impressions for their search network? Anyone?
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