Getting Started With CPA? So Take A Look On This Thread...

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The CPA industry is growing extremely fast and new opportunities pop up every day. However, getting started with CPA is still a big challenge for many people due to the difficult times they face looking for good, useful information.

So, I decided to create this thread to post some important advice for beginners.

I'll start with a quick video series explaining the main aspects of a CPA business, but then I'll keep coming here and posting new information regularly.

If you have any useful (I mean useful) information t share, definitely post it below.

I believe that in few weeks we can turn this thread into a comprehensive guide for beginners.

Enough said, let's go to the videos:




[coming soon]

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    Thank you , I will wait The next video about TRAFFC source
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    Good Stuff William, its a very overlooked part of success that should always be addressed before even beginning your projects.

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      Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the other upcoming videos.
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    Great share.

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    Thanks, guys!

    Just posted the 2nd video. Will be posting the 3rd one asap.
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      Hey William,

      Thank you for posting these videos! I didn't get to watch the 2nd one yet, but I got to watch the first one, and some of the points you mention are spot on.

      I am a busy mom of 2 young kids, so the first point you mention (finding the time for your IM business) has got to be one of the most challenging aspects for me. Sometimes, the only time I can find is the time in my head at night right before I fall asleep to just think about my online ventures. But you are right, when you say, you have to use the time that you DO have wisely. Sometimes, I will get online with a certain goal, and 2 hours later, I have just wasted the only time I had during the day checking in on my friend's Facebook statuses, or deleting all my junk mail.

      It takes a very disciplined human being to not get distracted by the 'loudness' of the internet. It literally pulls you in all different directions at any given time.

      I now close down Facebook, Youtube, my email, and any other browser windows I have open (especially this forum LOL) so I can stay on task.

      The second point you make about using the money you have wisely is also spot on. I can't tell you how much money I have wasted over the years on WSO's, Udemy courses, etc trying to learn all I can about internet marketing. And I say 'wasted' because half of all the courses I have taken have literally been rehashed internet marketing lingo shoved onto a bunch of pages and converted into a PDF file. And if I would have followed the advice I got in most of the CPA marketing courses I took, I probably would have been banned from my CPA networks by now. There are some pretty shady CPA courses out there!

      So, yeah, you have to use the money you DO have wisely.

      And the mindset.....this is probably the BLOODLINE of any successful IM career! You have GOT to be a strong persistent person inside to stick with this stuff! Some of the reason being that you will most likely go at it alone, as hardly anyone I know (in my day to day life outside this forum) knows anything about internet marketing.

      And you're right, people will make you feel stupid for even trying, so when you do fail (which I have a gazillion times over and then some), that discouragement can really work on your self esteem. Most people give up. And it's not because they are failures, it is because there is literally no real-life support. That's what I love about this forum, there is such a feeling of community and 'been there done let me help' mentality.

      Anyway, sorry to write a novel, your video just really resonated with me, and struck a chord. Thanks for sharing. :-)
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    Thank you! for the share William! Good luck!
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    This is really great information, especially for beginners to CPA like myself!

    Thank you
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    Great Share :3
    BTW This is my 1st post
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    thank you sir! great thread for a newbie like me!
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