So many CPA ....which one is the best and only one?

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stable ,

pay out fast to paypal

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    I know a very lucrative place if you are looking for high-paying CPA/CPL in the finance market. Its not paypal however but direct to your bank account which I find to be better anyway. But you can even build your own sites and do "host and post" delivery so the commissions you get per lead are at least 30-40% higher compared to your mainstream "run off the mill" networks whoa ll take too big a cut in between. But it also allows you to outbid/outspend most of the regular competition in the marketplace to drive proper volume ... and your ROI will still be spot on.

    However, you do need to drive good quality traffic in return for these high paying offers. Just drop me a PM I can send you some contact details of the people to get in touch with if you're interested, I'm running a few CPL products with them just now as well (via my own sites, of course so I get full flexibility and control).

    Read my incredible story:
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    only 3 i work with are peerfly, w4, and maxbounty. cant go wrong with any of them.

    im weary of trying networks ive never heard of before...simply because, you dont know if youre going to get paid or not...and even if you do get paid, you never know if one day they'll just up and leave stiffing you out of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.
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    I'd checkout Offervault and see what type of offers you can find that would work for your niche. They collect most of the CPA offers from the largest companies online and provide you what each company is paying for the same or similar types of offers.

    Once you find offers you would like to run, do a little research on the networks before applying to see if they are trustworthy. Never put all your eggs in one basket and work solely with one CPA company.
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    MaxBounty has been around for 10 years now and offers on time weekly payments as well as a potential $1000 bonus to new affiliates.

    You can signup to become a publisher in my signature.
    Increase your revenue and earn a $1000 bonus as a new affiliate at!

    For additional advice and industry happenings, head over to MaxBounty's Blog!
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    Originally Posted by Devilfish168 View Post

    stable ,

    pay out fast to paypal

    Peerfly or maxbounty would be good networks to check out
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    it all depend on which one you are comfortable with and which one you find it easier to drive traffic to.
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    There 1 best one... ... but many great ones. I suggesting joining a few. MaxBounty, Peerfly, and NeverBlue are all worth checking out.
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