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Not sure what happened to my last thread so I will ask my questions again. My wife and I just launched an eccomerce site for handbags (www.bluroxx.com) and we are wondering how all these adverising and traffic technics disscussed on this forum can help us get traffic to the site.

1. Should we be joining a network and running solo ads or some other paid traffic?

2. What's the best way to get targetted traffic to our site?

Thank you
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    I would start with something like search PPC traffic (Bing, Google). Since it seems you and your wife are new, I wouldn't bother with Solo Ad marketing just yet unless you are set up for it and have a good understanding of your backend conversions.

    Because even with an ecommerce site, Solo Ad traffic should be sent to a landing page where you can capture their info (such as email address) because the highest percentage of Solo Ad traffic usually converts after some time of following up. Typically less than 1% will buy something on first blast.

    As as for paid traffic, PPC would be the way to start. But I would also build social media fan pages, build an email list, and make use of that blog and create content daily. Even if you have to hire someone to blog and create content for you, it will be worth it in the long run.

    Another thing you can do to expedite getting sales is to create a seller account on all the big ecommerce websites such Ebay, Amazon, Bananza etc. List some of your products for sale on those sites. Most will let you add a link back to your website, so when you do get people that buy, you know have a "buyer lead" that you can sell to again in the future.

    And when you ship out the product, give them a 10% off coupon they can use on their next purchase when they purchase directly from your website, or even include an inexpensive free gift for their purchase. People love free stuff, even if it's cheap. But these are just some ideas to build some authority, trust and loyalty that may have your customers continue to buy from you for years to come.

    Does that make sense?

    Also what I do on one of my ecommerce sites is when I have something for sale, I also include a link and give them the option to buy it from my listing on Amazon or Ebay. Because if someone chooses not to buy because they don't trust my website, I may not lose the sale when I provide them a method to buy in a way they trust.

    So yeah, I would start with that. But when it comes to getting traffic, the sky is the limit. I would also try local magazine ads (such as a local savings club) and target people in your local city. The buy rate can in some cases be significantly higher when people know that you are in the same locality as them.

    I'll be more than happy to share some additional ideas, but hope that helps.

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