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Well i was thinking of starting Facebook PPC to get opt-ins, i tried doing one for USA but it's too expensive, like $1,30 per click. I tried scaling it down but it didn't work. Am i doing anything wrong or is it like this all the time?

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    I would stay away from Facebook ads mate - the quality of the clicks is usually pretty bad and so will your opt-ins. Stick with Adwords and BING. You might have to pay £2-3 a click but if you get £25-35 in return per lead it's still very profitable. Also you get less complaints from the merchant about lead-quality

    Any questions just let me know,
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      If your product specific to the USA? You may be able to get much cheaper clicks if you target internationally. Of course, it depends on your product or offer.

      I don't find Facebook ads to be all bad leads, as the previous poster suggested. Facebook has some good targeting options, so if you can get that right, your leads will be quality.

      The trick with getting low cost per click in the US is simply 'getting it right' for your audience. The right offer, the right audience, the right time of day, the right ad, etc. You really have to know your target market to achieve this.

      Good luck!
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