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Hi Warriors.

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for a display network that operates on a CPC rather than CPM basis and is friendly towards affiliates (i.e. no adwords or adroll). I'm primarily interested in non-mobile. The ability to retarget is a plus, but not necessary. Basically, I'm looking for Sitescout, but on a CPC basis. Does such a network exist? Thanks in advance.
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  • Yeah it does Adblade and Adsonar - i'd say go with Adsonar 'cos it isn't a blind network - you can see where your ads are running unlike Adblade. Though Adsonar is mostly text based but they both have an initial deposit of 100bucks to begin with.

    P.S it's being long i used them so don't know what's changed!
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      Looks like Adsonar is now Advertising.com. I signed up to Adblade. Min deposit is $50 and min CPC bid is $0.50, in case anyone is curious.
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