MSN ads on minor search engines!!!

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Hello Friends,
I see that many minor search engines have MSN ads, like Google Adsense for Search, on them:

these even redirect to yahoo:
Speedial Search

How do they manage to get MSN ads on their website?
How to get approved or where to get approved?
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    They are part of the partner network, there is an option in both Adwords and BING to switch this off if you dont want your ads to appear anywhere else but Google or MSN. But you need to become an official partner of Google and Microsoft in order to be able to run their ads.

    If they are not an official partner, I think some sites are run almost like a clone of the Google or BING search function and their subsequent search results (they might even plaster some of their own ads on their main website to generate some of their own advertising money). Not sure about the legality of this though as you technically need permission for this.

    My best bet is that most of these kind of sites are indeed an official search partner and therefore allowed to run Google and BING ads.

    Read my incredible story:
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    Yes, like Nick explained they are part of their partner search and ad networks. That is why when you are creating campaigns in Bing or Google Ads you make sure you turn off search partners. At least when you are starting out because these search partners typically have lower quality traffic than Bing or Google's own search traffic. Moral of the story all check you campaign's settings.
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    Thank you friends for directing me to the right direction!
    I have a small search engine about 2-3K uniques/day with USA and EU traffic and would like to monetize it with bing ads.

    Do you have an idea how to become official partner of Bing?
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    For anybody in my situation...

    I have found the place where to sign up:

    and they need only USA and EU RESIDENTS (not someone with just address or bank account in USA or EU)!

    Bing Ads Help
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