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I have launch a PPV campaign . I have sent 195 clicks to a CPA program . In the end , there is no convertion .

So what is my next step ? Should i change another offer etc ?
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    Hi, CPA offers should be converting a little better than that, or actually a lot better than that, it could be a few things

    - the traffic source you are using is not good enough, not targeted enough, or even junk traffic

    - the visitors to the offer have to fill in too many details, so they don't want to... it is always better to use lower paying CPA or CPL offers because they need to only fill in their name and email, while higher paying ones they must fill in many fields, destroying your conversions

    - use a rotator and promote a couple CPA offers with the rotator and test which converts better

    the CPL offers i mostly promote convert around 50% or higher, but only pay me between 1 and 2 bucks, these are the ones you want to use... and again, make sure your traffic is targeted!

    good luck
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    It depends to be honest man..

    Did you test?
    What did you test?
    what are the results from that test?

    You must be able to make an educated guess about couple of things after this many clicks!
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    I test 195 clicks . Actually how many clicks is needed for testing

    The offer that i promoted is a Free-trial CPA program
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    I'm not sure the best way to test an offer, I heard that directing the ad to the hop link is bad but what is a better way to test clickbank products.
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