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Do any of you really make much with CPM? Where do you get your CPM ads from and how much do you make with them on average? I'd say you need an extreme amount of unique traffic to make anything with some of those CPM ads.
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    Gauher and others has ppv courses. It takes more upfront capital. Networks like adbrite deal with that. Just google.
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    I hate Googling stuff like this because there are so many out there who just intend to fill your head full of crap to make you believe them so you can make money for them or try to. Was hoping for more replies. Thanks though I will check out adbrite.
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    You're talking about selling your impressions? Selling CPM to a network is only worthwhile if the impressions aren't particularly valuable or if the site is something that wouldn't get approved for Adsense or another 1st tier CPC publisher network. Your eCPM should be higher than you could reasonably charge otherwise. Selling CPM at a premium to somebody who really wants your impressions is very worthwhile - you'll find sites that sell at $50/M and above when the impressions are well targeted and convert. Google Ad Manager lets you implement CPM inventory sales and run Adsense when you haven't sold any.
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    Ok thanks for the reply. I was just trying to find a simple way to add revenue to my site when marketing free articles or the likes. I had heard many affiliate networks have offers that are CPM based so I would earn a small revenue with people viewing my site, kind of similar to Adsense I guess?
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    CPC gives more money than CPM. On an average, hardly $1 per 1000 page impressions. I would personally prefer adsese CPC ads.
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    Pardon my newbie ignorance, when you say CPC, that is cost per click correct? If so, have you used Clixgalore and if so do they have nice conversions? I've heard a lot about them and how they have high payout.
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