How to Get More Prospects to Open Your Emails

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When you offer a free book or report in exchange for email addresses, you need to remember that people opted in because they were interested in that specific topic. If you continue sending them exciting information on that topic your will develop a loyal and eager following.

But if you're sending them emails on totally unrelated topics that they're not interested in, or worse you are all over the place in regards to content, then your list is going to ignore you because you're not giving them what they want.

You have to cultivate and nurture your email list. Just because someone gives you their email for a free video or report doesn't mean they are now obligated to open every email you send them or open even one of the emails you send them.

Most people get hundreds of emails every day, they're not going to open every one. They're only going to open the ones that interest them.

So to increase your odds you need to make sure your headlines are targeted and laser focused on what your list is interested in. Your headlines need to immediately catch their eye, cause their blood to pulse, their heart to skip a beat.

Email marketing is extremely competitive. And when you're first starting out you need to earn your list's trust and readership so that they will eventually buy from you.

Now if you are writing dynamic, targeted, mind-blowingly awesome emails and they're still not being opened then you need to look at whether your emails are going to your prospects or if they're being sent into spam jail.

You also need to ensure that your prospects understand what they are signing up for and that they don't think they're just getting something for free.

Once the prospect has given you their email address take them automatically to a new page that explains what is going to happen now. Remind them that they are signed up to your newsletter or tips list. Tell them how often you send and when to expect your emails to arrive.

Explain what continued value they will enjoy from following your list, what special offers, secret blog posts that only subscribers get, early bird specials, etc.

Tell them to expect a confirmation/double opt-in email soon, give them the from name you used and even the email title, and suggest they check their spam box or promotions tab if they use gmail.

Suggest that they add your address to their address book or that they whitelist you, give instructions on how to do this.

Have all of this in your welcome email/confirmation email, as well. But it's important to have it on your site, too, in case they never get the confirmation email.

One more tip is to make sure that your from address is recognizable. It needs to be either your website/company name or your personal/avatar name. If it says "special Offer" of "Get Books Free" or something like that it looks spammy and deserves to be deleted.

Value and relevancy, like everywhere else is always the key to being successful in any type of selling and marketing. So make your emails valuable, interesting, focused, and clear. Make sure your prospects know when to expect these emails and if you do a good job of making them excited to read them they will purposely look for them.

They won't put in the effort though if you don't put in the effort first.
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    Just because someone gives you their email for a free video or report doesn't mean they are now obligated to open every email you send them or open even one of the emails you send them.
    Yet it's amazing how many people (I hesitate to use the term "marketers" in this context) feel that because they gave out a freebie, the subscriber somehow owes them both attention and patronage.

    There's a reason that Alex Mandossian tagged that first opt-in the "shy yes" - it's only the first step in the process.You now have permission to send the next email, period. That permission can be yanked away at any time, for any reason.

    You have to continue earning attention, and action, with every email you send.

    There's a common saying, "if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS." Way too many would-be entrepreneurs are forced to fall back on the latter.
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