Article Outlining Methods?

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Hey everyone,

I'm a Freelance writer and I'm trying to enhance my writing process to be more efficient. Specifically, I'm trying to learn more from other writers about how I can write articles that are well organized in less time than it takes me right now. I can currently write a 500wd article in about 40 minutes including research and I want to be able to write the same article in 30 minutes.

My specific question is about outlining methods. When I create an article, I pick a working title, then create an outline which includes an introduction and conclusion plus whatever subheadings I've decided I want to use. I make sure that the work is organized logically, then fill in each section with the appropriate content and number of words using information gathered during my research.

Does anyone use this or a different method for outlining or planning a piece and if so, how does that translate into a great end result for the article you're writing? Can anyone offer tips or advice on how I can improve my writing process and either get better quality work or get things done faster?
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    Gp that is a similar method i use as well. It works!
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