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I wrote the post about the value of internet article marketing in the Warrior Forum that became the sticky - but I want to serve up some more help because just glancing at titles being posted, I see lots of potential for top rankings and extreme traffic left on the table.

I’m going to share with you a course strategy I use paired with the Warrior Forum article marketing section that I plan on using to haul in boatloads of targeted visitors.

This forum isn’t just so you can post backlinks to your website. It’s so that you can utilize the already amazing POWER of this forum to rank #1 in Google where your own website couldn’t muster the fortitude.

I’m one of the believers who feel the title of your article is one of the most important aspects. And the first step is to determine what keyword you want to rank for.

Some titles are targeting “traffic” or “writing” in such broad terms, that I fear some will then complain that they weren’t able to rank #1 for it using a simple Warrior Forum thread when they could be pulling in great traffic with a tiny bit more research.

How do you find your keyword phrase? I for one love what Kelly Felix teaches in Bring the Fresh – use your Market Samurai (or a free tool) and do 100 searches per DAY, 100,000 or fewer competing pages, and a 50% or higher OCI (chance of them buying) - all using phrase match.

I’ve had a lot of success converting those keyword phrases into top spots with brand new blogs – imagine me using those with the oomph of the Warrior Forum behind me? Go to and type in any of the following phrases:

daisy shower curtain
earn affiliate
sushi supplies

I hit #1 using the BTF SEO strategy and 3 blog posts initially and it all had to do with my titles.

So let’s take “article marketing” as our example. I open up MS and do those criteria for that particular phrase and the keywords it generated for me. Or use Google’s free keyword tool and Google search results and you’ll find a good keyword to use.

I discover that the phrase Internet article marketing has over 174 daily searches and a little over 81,000 competing pages for the phrase match.

After finding my keyword phrase, my second step is to look at what kind of pages are ranking on page 1 of Google and for this phrase I see some good news:


That means it’s just as likely that a powerful forum could overpower those sites and gain a top 10 position, if not #1 in the SERPs.

So my third step is to use the phrase “internet article marketing” here for this thread title – making sure they’re the first words seen.

Don’t try to achieve good SEO results by simply “sticking” your keyword phrase in the article. Look at that phrase and write an entire article AROUND that phrase so that it’s highly relevant and will not only get viewed by Google as optimal for the search results, but also bookmarked and shared and Tweeted and linked to by others.

Fourth, stop trying to write to sell to just Warrior Forum members! Yes, I love them too, but there’s a whole sea of people coming online to learn this who have never heard of the Warrior Forum and they’re going to be getting exposure to you and your sig file links or article links through Google IF you take time to create an SEO-empowered title!

I think some people rely on their reputation within this forum to get their article read, and it’s not where the big money and traffic lies. It’s in SEO and domination of your niche.

Don’t discount long-tail keywords.

They add up.

And they can make you rich.

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    Thanks Tiff, I shall be in touch soon for your service. I am just getting back into IM and found that the more things have changed, the more some remain the same. I am pretty close to retirement and am very frustrated to have spent 6+ years and several $000's down the drain and still haven't made any headway in IM. But I refuse to give up. I need serious help and welcome genuine offers, but have no time for con artists. Thank God today for tweeter and facebook.
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