Secret Ingredient to Success

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Many people struggle with success and goals and often wonder what they are doing wrong. I’ve read scores of books looking for that very answer myself.

Sometimes I’d set a goal and achieve it 1, 2, 3 without a single problem, other times it would be 3 months later and I’d realize I had not only NOT achieved the goal I set but I forgot about it all together.

Achieve a goal is much more then setting a goal, writing it down and setting a completion date. You must treat your goal as a promise to yourself; break down the process of achieving your goal by breaking it down into a manageable and achievable step-by-step process with an end completion time for the entire goal and a completion time for each step.

If it takes longer to complete the first stage they you had originally planned adjust the completion time for the remainder steps and final completion date. Be flexible but strict too. Don’t keep pushing the complete by dates farther and farther out just because you are lazy. Only change them if absolutely needed.

Writing down your goal/promise is a very, very important step for a number of reasons. The more you can get your subconscious involved with the process the better chance you have at succeeding. Writing down your goal involves not only your thoughts, but your physical senses, touch and sight. When you finish writing down your goal read it out loud to yourself this will involve your sense of hearing as well.

If you are handicapped and suffer from a loss of one or more of the physical senses involve as many as you can. This step is that important.

Pick one or more reason that achieving your goal would be a great thing, i.e. making your significant other happy, security for yourself or those you love, freedom , adventure, whatever is important to you us it!

Also pick one or more reasons why you cannot fail, the pain it will cause you or those close to you, or how someone would have a lower opinion of you, or someone you’d just like to say, “see, I told you I could do it!”

This method has helped me. It may not be for everyone, but I figure if it can help me it may help others.

A friend and I are discussing this at Success-Membership | Facebook feel free to stop by, add your thoughts, or start you own discussion. We love to hear other’s thoughts on this subject.

James Darren Davis
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