Ways to Drive Website Traffic

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Everyone wants to know how to get more website traffic. It doesn’t matter how much content you write or how many sites you build. If you can’t get traffic, you’ll never make any money. Luckily, there are dozens of ways to get those eyeballs glued to your site. Here are some of the most effective Website Traffic generation methods currently out there.
Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
If you want a guaranteed source of instant traffic, it doesn’t get any easier than PPC advertising. However, PPC is also the most expensive traffic source on this list and you’ll always have to pay for it. If you opt for PPC advertising, be sure to spend time learning how to generate keyword lists, pinpoint effective long tails and split test your campaigns to minimize wasted ad spend.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
You can opt for instead of paid ads, to have your web site properly optimised for the search engines. SEO , which is Search engine optimization is a long term strategy and would pay off in the long run and does not cost much. You have to have your keywords placed properly on your website. You have also to get as many back links from other websites, linking back to yours. High quality back links is very important. You can get them by commenting on forums and bloggs while leaving a link back to your site there.
Pay Per View Advertising (PPV)
If you’ve ever installed shareware or freeware on your computer and read the terms of instalment, you know that there are all sorts of advertising tools going in with the program. These programs track your browsing habits, site visits and search preferences, then place ads in context on the sites you visit. As an advertiser, this allows you to pay for CPM ads that are highly targeted to your audience. Top networks include TrafficVance.com, MediaTraffic.com and LeadImpact.com.
Email Marketing
When it comes to learning how to get more traffic, email marketing is an old staple of the industry and a vital tool for any site owner. As a marketer, every site you own should have an email opt-in list attached to it. When you gather those email addresses, you can send valuable information along with promotions and links to your site to readers who are already primed to visit.
Joint Venture and Email Swap
Joint ventures come in many forms, but a popular method is to trade email lists with a fellow marketer. If you have 5,000 subscribers and they have 6,000, you could both trade emails to the other’s site, gaining an instant exposure to thousands of primed niche-watchers. Joint ventures can also involve giving away free products on someone else’s site in exchange for links or guest posting on their site for a link.

Affiliate Marketing
You can also create your own product and use affiliate marketing to get it viral almost immediately. You have to entice your affiliates with a really good product. Make sure that you give your affiliates good support. have training for them and banners , text ads, email letters already prepared. The easier you make it for them to make money, the more money you would make.

Viral and Social Media Marketing
The easiest and most pleasant way to get viral traffic is to use social media. Make sure you use all of them to take advantage of the benefits they provide.Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, digg, My Space and there are more out there.Your goal here is to create good information so as to attract hundreds if not thousands of people to come looking for you
As you can see there is no single secret in how to get more website traffic. You need to utilize a wide array of tools that will all help develop a stream of visitors to your websites. Build yourself up as an expert in your field, research your target audience carefully, and get them to come to your site bit by bit. By combining them all, you can guarantee steady, never ending traffic that can’t help but lead to profits.
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