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You're doing it anyway for almost any "make money online" course out there, so why not get paid to write - beforehand - instead of waiting until your writing happens to help you earn some money?

Almost all courses ask you to start blogging (writing), article marketing (more writing), and emailing your subscribers with messages (even more writing).

As a ghostwriter, you can get paid 100% of your project money upfront. No waiting around to see if Google indexed your site, to see if you chose a good keyword or product that will convert into sales.

With this business model, that burden is on the marketer hiring you. You just do the work, spend your cash, and get hired again!

Whenever I see desperate, poor people needing fast cash - like yesterday - I remember back to when I was in that position. I had a newborn baby with a respiratory illness, I had walked out of my job to stay home and keep a vigilant eye on him.

So where was the money going to come from? In the past I did get paid to write - but it was as a stringer for a newspaper, and it required me to go out and cover local news stories. I didn't even realize there were work at home writing positions available.

"Positions" may throw you off track. No one's actually hiring you as a full-time employee with benefits, but you can make some amazing money.

Before you start thinking there's "too much competition" for freelance ghostwriting, let me clear that up right now.

Every single day the online marketing community is growing, so there's a huge influx of new prospective clients who could hire you continually.

Not only that, but I'm asked daily for recommendations of ghostwriters.

And not only THAT, but as a marketer myself, guess how many freelance ghostwriters I myself outsource to at any given moment?

About ten.

How much money is possible with a ghostwriting business? As much as you can work into your schedule! Everyone's different. Some people can write 5 pages a day. Some can write 40 pages a day.

It doesn't matter which end of the spectrum you fall on, you can get paid to write by people who have their niche idea, have their keywords mapped out, and know what they want - they just need someone to do it while they work on other things.

While you're considering which online business model you ought to pursue, ghostwriting for others can ease the pressure to make money so that you can have a clear mind as you evaluate the pros and cons of other, more residual income opportunities.
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