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Affiliate Marketing Stories

Affiliate marketing is one career path that does not require an advanced degree.

In fact, it does not require that you have attended school at all! If you can fill out a simple online form in most cases, you are able to perform one of the most important tasks in Affiliate Marketing - the application.

For me, the application is the easiest part of affiliate marketing because if a program is using the same software as another program, the application will look nearly identical. Filling out the form is as easy as saving the form in an auto-fill setting.

Once approved, select products or services that match your website. In my case, I would select something related to vegetarian or health products, as that is what my website users would find relevant and interesting. Remember, you are looking to place an ad for a product that someone will likely click and purchase or make whatever action is necessary to earn a commission. Placing an irrelevant ad is not good for anyone.

Paste the necessary html or javascript into your blog or website template and watch periodically for sales to grow incrementally. Do not be surprised if this does not happen overnight. Especially if your blog or website does not get much traffic in the first place. It may be necessary to employ search engine optimization (SEO) techniques or even purchase pay per click (PPC) advertising from programs such as Google Adwords, Bing AdCenter or Facebook Advertising.

Whether purchasing advertising to drive traffic to your website or not, it's always important to have an analytics program on the back end to monitor performance in order to ensure that you are getting a positive return on investment (ROI).

Early in my affiliate days in affiliate marketing, I ran a program that had little to do with vegetarianism or health, or anything else on my site, but the payout and earnings per click (EPC) were high and I thought that those were good enough reasons to plug this ad on my site. After a few days of no action, I decided that I could try out some pay per click because keywords for this program were inexpensive enough I could easily get the traffic I needed to my site and still make money, right? Wrong. I had no analytics program in place at the time, or if I did, I wasn't paying attention to it on a frequent basis. I ended up spending my entire budget and had no sales to show for it. So much for the "hot" product.

As with anything in advertising and marketing, you must always test. But with some safeguards and common sense, you can still test but don't make the same mistakes I did in the beginning. Look for relevant products. Drive additional traffic with search engine optimization and pay per click. Watch your analytics. Make a return on your investment with affiliate marketing.:p
Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketing
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