How to Install OS Ticket Using Fantastico DeLuxe

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OS Ticket is a very popular open source system for support tickets. If you run an online business where you have customers that need support, OS Ticket can seamlessly integrate requests from your customers that are created via e-mail, mobile phone or on from web-based forms into an easy-to-use multi-user web interface. With OS Ticket, you can manage, organize and store all of your support requests and responses in a single place, while also providing your customers with the quick response that they demand. Despite its level of sophistication, OS Ticket is very easy to configure and install, so let's get started.

OS Ticket is a great example of the effectiveness of open source software development. Because it is open source, several developers come up with different solutions for everyday customer support challenges and they share them publicly in the support forums. So, if you are not a software developer yourself and you are running into challenges with using the software, you can visit the support forums or consult the Wiki that has lots of information about the software.

Although OS Ticket is free, it is robust and has lots of useful features that you would find in software that you would spend hundreds of dollars for. So if you are looking for a simple way to track customer support, OS Ticket is easy to install, easy to use and has lots of support if you should run into trouble.

Before you install OS Ticket, you need to make sure that your web server has PHP 4.3 or higher, and MySQL 4.1 or higher installed.

1. Log into your cPanel.

2. Click on the Fantastico DeLuxe blue smiling face icon.

3. On the left navigation column, click on the 'OS Ticket' link under the 'Customer Relationship' section.

4. Select 'New Installation'.

5. On the next page, you'll see a screen with the OS Ticket logo at the top. This is the page where you will select the installation directory. If you want OS Ticket to be installed on your website's main page, leave the install on domain field blank.

If you want OS Ticket to appear in a directory, in the 'Install in directory' field, type the name of the directory that you want it to appear in. For example, if you want the URL for OS Ticket to be,, then type the word support in the directory field.

You will then be prompted to enter an administrator username and password. Create a unique user name and secure password. Next, enter the admin email, and click 'Install OS Ticket.' You will be presented with a summary page that contains the installation details. After you make sure all of this information is correct, click 'Finish Installation.'

Now you've got your customer support software installed and ready to go with just a few clicks. Be sure to consult the OS Ticket forums with any questions you might have about getting up and running.

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