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I'd like to show you how to make money on Youtube in 6 Easy Steps.
The first thing you'll need to do is go to the site and click on the marketplace link at the top of the screen and sign up for and account as an affiliate. They will give you an affiliate link and that way any clickbank product that you sell, you will get a percentage of the product as long as people clicked through on your link. Pick a product that you want to sell on Youtube and get a commission for and then create your individual link. The name of this type of link is a hoplink.

Next, once you have your hoplink set up, go to google and do a search for: "google keyword tool." Click on the first link that comes up.

This is a keyword search tool that shows you the most popular keyword phrases. Type in your keyword that relates to your product in the box that says "word or phrase". Jot down the top five to ten keyword phrases related to your product. Here is an example based on the keyword "chess"

Next, go back and do a google search using each of the individual keyword phrases and look to see if any of them have a youtube video in the search results. I found a video in the google search results using the keyword phrase: "chess openings".

Click on the video and take a look at it. Go ahead and copy the URL for that Youtube video.

Next, you'll want to go to the site: Site Explorer - Yahoo! Site Explorer and paste in the link into the search bar that reads "Explore URL". Now click on the Inlinks button and choose the option to show Inlinks: "Except from this domain". Now you have a list of all the websites that yahoo is reporting that are linking to this specific video

Now, all that you have to do to get your video to appear where the other video appears is to get the same number of links pointing to your video. This example has 21 links currently pointing to their video. You would have to have the same number of links.

An easy way to get these links is to types in your keyword phrase into google with the addition of the word "forum" and you'll get a whole bunch of results for forums about that topic. You can then sign up for accounts in those forums and go in and post comments in each of them. Include the link to your video in either the comment or in your signature. It's a really easy way to get those links. All I would have to do is make 21 comments in different forums to get those links pointing to my video. You could also make a blog comment on people's blogs and put the video in the blog comment.

An easy way to make a Youtube video is with a site like You can upload images that you took from your iphone or images you found on the web. They will make a video for you for free that you can upload to youtube. That video could be all about the topic of your clickbank product.

One important thing to note: When you are submitting images to animoto, you'll want to intersperse them with simple pictures created in "Microsoft Paint" or some other simple drawing tool.

Animoto will basically create a slideshow to music and intermittently include the paint image in the slideshow. This image is very important because the arrows pointing down will get the viewer to see and hopefully click on the clickbank link located underneath the video.

You want to repeat this simple "click on the link below" slide over and over again so the viewer knows what to do.

So, once you have obtained all the links necessary to bump the other video out of the google spot you are going to see an increase in traffic and be getting all that traffic to the youtube video. All that traffic to the youtube video will encourage people to click on the clickbank link and increase your sales. You'll be making money on youtube.

If you've obtained all the links and the other video is still not bumped out of google, I want to encourage you to go to: Black Hat SEO Forum Find the category listed along the side entitled "services for sale". You can buy you tube views very cheaply and that can then bump your video into the spot and bump the other one out.

Another important thing to remember is that your keyword phrase is in the title of your video you created in animoto. Make sure your keyword phrase is in the youtube video title as well as the tags and description. Now, you'll be making money in 6 easy steps.

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