How To Make $100 A Day Online - Does It Really Have To Be That Difficult?

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I have been marketing online for over 5 years and had many products in many different niches some of which have been REALLY profitable and others that have not been so profitable and even some that have lost me money!!!

I have decided to write this article as a resource for people looking to make an income online and the reason that I picked the "$100 a day" figure is because when I sent a message to my email lists asking them how much they would be happy making online $100 seemed to be the most popular!

First let us have a look at this in perspective:

$100 a day would be 2 sales of a product that makes you $50 commission or indeed 2 sales of your own product.

Or 5 sales of a $20 product!

So apart from amazing you with my math abilities above - I have found the best way is to reassess what you are doing RIGHT now.

Do you have a proper work schedule?

Do you find yourself bouncing around jumping from one thing to another and never really getting success?

Are you starting to think making money online does not work?

Well thousands will tell you that it does!

You will also see people making wild claims of making $30,000 in 5 minutes and they may well have done this but 9 times out of ten this will be the result of months if not years of hard work.

My advice if you want to make $100 a day (or more) is to stick with something until you get some measure of success and then work out how much time it has taken you to make a profit, and then how you can improve it.

Sounds simple doesn't it?

Although you will be surprised at how many people do not stick to one thing!
For instance take article marketing - or at least what USED to work with article marketing before the Google Farmer update.

You could write an article, submit it to Ezine articles and get ranked on the first page of Google and get traffic fairly painlessly.

Although not many people would write more than 10 articles a day!

You need to perceiver if you want success.

Also you need to make sure that the actual method you are implementing will work.

This is more to do with where you learnt the method and I realize it is a minefield out there.

Just focus on learning and IMPLEMENTING.

Also do not give up BEFORE you see some measure of success.

The truth is that YOU can do it!

You can make far more than $100 a day as well with some hard work!
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