Building Relationships on Twitter

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Building Relationships on Twitter

So you want people to buy your products, opt-in to your mailing list, and be aware of you as an 'expert' in your niche. Then you need Social Media Management

It's true that Twitter can help you to do this, however a lot of people use it in all the wrong ways. They think that all they need to do in order to make money from Twitter is to get lots of followers and then send out sales link after sales link as their Tweets.

You've probably seen this yourself. I've seen examples of people sending out TWENTY or more sales links in an hour with no useful content or freebies at all. Some people even use automation tools to post their Tweets.

This is at best questionable, and at worst spam. But apart from that it simply doesn't work. It's like with a mailing list. People need a reason to follow and continue following you. Give them a good reason – make them interested in you and your Tweets. Start building relationships on Twitter and you'll see far greater results - with people actually buying your products and opting into your promotions as a direct result of your Tweets. You'll also find that people will follow you NOT because you followed them or because they want you to follow them back, but because they're actually interested in you and your Tweets. These are the followers you want. They will be the most responsive by far.

Building relationships on Twitter – How to do it

Treat your followers well, and give them good information. What are they interested in? What is hot in the niche?

Point people in the right direction towards things they’ll find interesting. Don’t think about selling – instead concentrate on giving value and building relationships.

Ask questions, send people messages, and join in with the Twitter community spirit. Re-tweet other people’s posts that you liked. Not only will your followers thank you for the information but the person who originally made the Tweet will be grateful for your interest. Social Media Manage Management is more important than ever.

Post photos or links to useful or amusing videos. People love these, especially if there’s a bit of gossip within it somewhere.

All in all - give value and join in. Do that and you’ll build rewarding and long lasting relationships on Twitter that can ultimately make you a lot of money and help your business grow. Remember if you can’t tweet you can always hire a Social Media Manager.
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