Why Is It A Good SEO Tool?

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Blekko is a new search engine that is said to be a good SEO tools to use because of the features it contains that are all essential in the SEO language. Every basic tool that the SEO developer would consider important is provided on the Blekko page.

The page contains slashtag which the search engine provides a different entry daily. And if you understand how the SEO metrics work then you will have a better understanding the Blekko is more of a SEO tool than just a simple search engine.

Most webmaster and SEO developers find this search engine very useful in keeping track with what is gaining page rank or traffic on certain keyword that is related with the ones they promote. When you try to use this search engine like if you input certain keywords you will instantly get all the related links plus entries located on Facebook and you can also filter the results by slashtags.

Now there’s an SEO icon at every link results if you click it this will show you all the SEO related data you want to know about the given site. It shows the page traffic statistic, where do most clicks come from and the host rank and pages are also given.

Comparing between two similar URL and sites is also possible with blekko’s easy to use compare option. You can easy compare the entire important statistic that you need in-order to do a successful SEO development.

Even the crawl statistic is given in great detail so that it will be easy for an expert to view all the important data they want. The number of days when the site was last visited, pages crawled and seen, the average page length and the DNS IP whois is also provided.

There are a lot of experts who are hoping that blekko will continue its great services and they are still hoping for a few more updates to improve the results they see. But some are worrying that this type of search engine is only SEO friendly and it will only be good for a limited set of people.

Improvements are still coming but most experts are not sure for how long although they are strongly supporting the blekko search engine for it is a good SEO tool. This makes the SEO developers work really easy with all the information that this site provides.

Most experts have big plans for this search engine and the smart way of linking it with Facebook only helps in making the word know its existence.

If only there are more people who would be willing to use this search engine than the one they are already got used to.

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