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There is no question that Google is the most popular search engine, as statistics show, and because of this popularity millions of people around the globe are turning to this network if they are searching for anything they need. Along this line Google is also turning out more innovations to make their services more beneficial to online searchers and likewise to marketers.

Google has introduced a number of innovations to help marketers and make their advertiser campaigns more effective. New features are added every now and then as the internet grows, and does the network and its advertising platform.

A new feature that is added to the Google Adwords advertising platform is the Adword Call Metrics which allow advertisers to track down phone calls that come in from the ads. This is done by generating a phone number specifically for this advertisement and attaching the number to the ads.

The process operates this way, that when a person becomes interested with the business and call the number listed then the Google Adwords Call Metrics will record the call and the call duration. With the popularity of mobile gadgets these days, the new feature is giving better benefits to advertisers because they can also have potential prospects from mobile phone users.

If you are on mobile search and with many smart phone users these days, people browsing the net with their mobile gadgets can readily access your ad and call you through the phone number listed. The benefits that an advertiser can get with Adwords Call Metrics are many.
  • Prospective clients who are interested can easily reach you through the numbers attached to the text ads. Communicating with you will no longer be a problem even if prospective clients are on the road and accessing your number can be easily made.
  • The Call Metrics platform will record the total number of calls received as well as the average call duration. The number of listed calls will also be noted.
  • Missed calls will still be recorded by the call metrics platform. Calls generated by each ad and the call duration will be noted and recorded in this platform.
  • Another feature that gives better benefits for users of the Google Adword Call Metrics platform is the recording of all necessary data from callers. The area codes of the callers will be noted so advertisers will have an idea of their prospects' locations.
The Google Adwords Call Metrics platform is easy to set up and free to use, thereby giving many advertisers so many benefits in their advertising campaigns. Opportunities can be acquired from mobile users who may be interested in your offers and their calls will not just be disregarded because these calls will be recorded by the call metrics platform.

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