Clicksor: Local Alternative Contextual Advertising Program

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Clicksor is a contextual keyword advertising platform which serves website publishers who are looking for alternative ways to monetize their website content, and advertisers who want to reach consumers with precise keyword targeted advertising. Clicksor also makes local advertising easy by targeting users by local countries and cities, so no matter where your target customers are you can reach them online.

How Clicksor serves web publishers

Website content publishers display Clicksor ads on their sites, and using their contextual keyword technology, Clicksor displays ads that are relevant to the page's content and most likely to appeal to that visitor. When visitors click on Clicksor ads, they get paid on a CPV, CPM or CPC basis.

If you are a blogger, Clicksor has a plugin for the following platforms:

· Joomla
· Blogger
· WordPress
· Drupal

The plugin installs in minutes and it easily integrates Clicksor ads with your site without worrying about copying and pasting ad codes.

How does Clicksor work for publishers?

Clicksor's contextual advertising technology parses content rich websites and matches them with keyword targeted ads using content match or in-context technology. Clicksor's keyword targeting technology provides your visitors with the most relevant ad and information to enhance their experience. Ad formats, which are contextually targeted, include inline text links, banners, interstitial ads and pop-unders.

This highly relevant targeting leads to higher click-throughs and conversions, which adds up to more profits for publishers.

Clicksor's advertiser network

Clicksor seeks to provide readers with knowledge and information to target your ideal audience with your ads. They have over 150,000 active publisher websites serving 3 billion as impressions per month. Ads have contextual and geographical targeting down to the level of a specific country or city.

When you set up your ad formats you can choose text or graphic banners, pop-unders or interstitial ads on a CPC, CPM, or CPV basis. Clicksor provides ROI tracking and site blocking option and real-time traffic reports.

While you can see that while Google AdSense is the most popular and well known contextual advertising program online that allows uses to monetize their content, they are not the only or the best show in town. Clicksor is a viable alternative contextual advertising program with a flexible selection of ad formats that serve ads that are relevant to your website's content and that can enhance your visitor's experience.

You can use Clicksor along with another ad network or you can use it as a replacement for an ad network that is not generating enough revenue.

Generate referral income with Clicksor

Another revenue stream that Clicksor provides is their 10% referral bonus. You can place text links or banners on your site and generate commissions when users click on your link and registers either as a Clicksor advertiser or publisher.

If you are looking for an alternative contextual advertising program with all of the tools they offer publishers, and the precision targeting for advertisers, Clicksor is definitely worth taking a look at.

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