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Setting up new Wordpress installs multiple times a day can become cumbersome. You see installing it once every now and then isn't such a big deal but have you ever setup a Wordpress installation, with all the plugins you like to use, permalinks, and basic pages such as Contact and Privacy with just a click of the button?

Of course you have and now you are in luck as just yesterday a new Warrior Special Offer was released that does just that and you can still get it dirt cheap. More on that later but for now let's learn more about basic Wordpress Installs and how this can become a cumbersome ordeal over and over again. If you are just interested in the link to the BlogzBot software WSO you can jump to the last paragraph.

To install Wordpress you can do this simply through Cpanel and the Fantastico plugin. If you use Hostgator VPS or Dedicated hosting you can also use their free version of the plugin called QuickInstall. It all does the same thing. In this phase what happens is you choose the domain you want to install Wordpress on and type in the email of the administrator as well as the administrator's username. With Fantastico you can also select the actual login password. With HostGator's free version of Fantastico which is called "QuickInstall" you really need to have the email account setup first (and probably forward this email to an easily accessible email account) so you'll get the random generated password. If you don't have the email setup yet then what will happen is Wordpress will install correctly but you won't know the password to login to the Wordpress Dashboard. I found this out the hard way so if this happens to you then you'll just have to setup the email account and then reset the password via the Wordpress login screen.

Ok so now we have Wordpress installed and the database setup. The database is setup automatically during the Wordpress install we just performed. So you login and now you see the basic Wordpress screen with all of the basic plugins. There is also a test page, test comment, test post, and test category automatically added during the install. You'll want to delete this test page, post, and comment because they do nothing for you as far as SEO and basically shout out to everyone "hey look this is a new Wordpress site with nothing on it". While you are at it I would recommend renaming the default category of "uncategorized" to something like "general".

Once that is all complete you will want to get rid of some of the default Wordpress plugins and add the ones you like. Normally what I do is delete the Wordpress Jetpack plugin and Wordpress Cache plugin. Then I add the following free plugins:
  • W3 Total Cache plugin (has more features then the standard cache plugin)
  • All In One SEO pack (or Headspace2 if your theme supports it)
  • Google XML Sitemaps (generates sitemap for your site)
  • SexyBookmarks (social bookmark plugin)
  • Contact Form 7 (free and nice contact form)
  • Easy Privacy Policy (creates free privacy policy - Google likes this)
I also install some form of Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics verification plugin. There are several to choose from and they all do the same.

Once that is complete I choose my theme (many free themes to choose from or upload your own premium theme) and set that up. Then I go in and add the Contact Us Page, Privacy Policy, and About Us pages. Once you get the hang of it you can do all of this in under 1 hour easily but wouldn't it be nice to have a piece of software that can do all of this for you with just a click of a button (in other words install and customize Wordpress fresh site in just a few minutes)?

Enter BlogzBot software and no you don't spell it BlogsBot Software (I added that to the title of the article so people searching for BlogsBot can still get there). This is a new piece of software that was just released yesterday as a Warrior Special Offer (WSO). You can still get it dirt cheap (around $10 as I write this article but it could increase anytime) and eventually he'll mark it as sold out and release it on Clickbank for much more then the current price. It'll be the same software just released to the public.

What this software does is simple:

  1. Install Wordpress via Fantastic or Quickinstall
  2. Open Blogzbot and enter your Wordpress username/password and select the install template you want to use. Each template can be setup for whatever plugin you want installed, pages, and even the theme.
  3. Enter account or OnlyWire account info (visit WSO for more information on what this is) for easy backlinks then click GO.
That's it! You now have a custom Wordpress site setup with just a few clicks of the mouse with all of your favorite plugins, theme, and all of the pages you need. What a time saver! Click here to go to the WSO thread and learn more before it's SOLD OUT.
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