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E books are books published in digital form through electronic media such as computers, mobile devices like phones, ipads, etc. The number of activities that you can do online is on the rise. You can do all your finances online, reservations, managing bills, communicating with each other, watching movies, listening to songs and why not read books online too?. People spend more time in front of their computers or with their high tech mobile gadgets than doing anything else for fun. The new tablet pcs, iPads, etc. opens up amazing opportunities for reading anything anywhere. When you are travelling, you are most likely to carry your laptop or your mobile gadgets. You can read your e-books while you are on the move anytime. There are devices that are dedicated for reading e-books that are very easy to carry around.

There are many famous books and best sellers published in digital form for easy reading. Some people write books and publish it only in digital form. The e-book reader gives you a real feeling like you are reading a book. There have been e books published years ago, the first one being published way back in 1971.

E books are published in different formats with pdf and epub being popular. The different formats and the emerging new technologies to develop new formats could be a disadvantage of e books as it might need to be converted or copied to the new format to be able to read in new devices.
There are many websites in internet where you can download millions of free e books and read. If you have an internet connection, you can read it online and need not download it into your mobile device. There are certain websites that give option to download the book in different languages as well.

Other than being able to read any number of books anywhere with an internet connection, you also can save a lot of money that you usually spend on books. You will also have the ability to read in a font that you enjoy or find more comfortable to read and you also have the ability to enlarge the font for easy reading.

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