Increasing popularity of Autoresponders

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Have you ever received an email stating that your message could not be sent to a particular recipient citing various reasons for it? These are responses sent by the service providers and are called autoresponders, which are commonly called as bounce mails. This option is available in your emails too and many use this when they are not available online for a certain period. These are called vacation mails and these too come under the category of autoresponders. There are many who activate this option throughout and make it a medium of acknowledgement by setting a line of acceptance of the mail received.

This is what is now being popularly adopted by many online businesses to deal with their existing and potential customers. When a customer sends an inquiry or signs up for a deal there is this auto response that reads out the acknowledgment of receipt of the inquiry and a promise to revert back soon. Similarly, when a person makes online purchases, after entering the necessary details these autoresponders generate the message that is sent to one's inbox with the details of the receipt.

As these messages can be pretyped and set the businessman doesn't have to bother to be online and keep a watch on every incoming mail at every point of time. This also enables you to automatically send periodical newsletter, new product launching and keeping the customers updated about the various offers and discounts. It also helps in automatically sending reminders with the option of setting the time intervals. These facilities save lot of time and energy that can be focused on to other ways of improving the business. The other major benefit is that one has the least chance of missing out to inform / update a customer. And with regular updates even to those non-customers one stands the chance of attracting them to become customers thereby turning them into good leads.

The customers too have an option of opting out of subscriptions for which the unsubscribe option is provided and this too is automated thereby easing the work for both.

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