How Panda Update Should Change Your Optimization Techniques

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How Panda Update Should Change Your Optimization Techniques

Over the years I have seen some ideas come and some ideas go. To be honest I think I have jumped on every marketing train out there. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. But with the new Panda Update, you might want to be looking at your optimization techniques.

And to be honest, this is not a new idea, but a realization of something that has been said a billion times. Unfortuantly, it is not a magic bullet, and it takes a lot of work. But it is the one thing that has always been true in internet marketing. This one thing has been consistent throughout the years. It is one factor that makes or breaks a site in the long run. And for some reason it always seems to be the one thing we try to avoid. But perhaps it might be the most important optimization technique.

That One Thing!

Is good content. Delivering on what you say you will deliver.

I am not sure if you know this our not but Google recently released something they call Panda. Marketers call it the Panda update. And to be honest it changed the game!

Basically what Google said is that we are going to award sites that have been around for awhile. We are going to reward sites that have great content. And we are going to reward sites that are relevant to the information they provide.

This just about wipes out all the black hat tricks that people have been using. It changes the game. And it once again proves that the best way to stay at the top of Google is by making sure your own house is in order.

I work with offline companies and the one thing we do everytime is spend an enormous amount of time ensuring that there own site is communicating the right thing. That it is easy to navigate, and that the internal linking is spot on. Two things help us rank for strong keywords.
  1. Onsite Optimization
  2. Great content

But here are the eleven things to be mindful of as you build your own marketing empire.

Consider these the 11 commandments of website optimization and you will never be disappointed with the results.

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1. Google is going to introduce around 550 changes to its algorithm this year. Yes, you guessed it right, 550! Talk about making amendments to the constitution, this takes the cake!

2. Google says relevancy will count more than anything from now! Relevant websites will be rewarded handsomely. Ensure your web pages are as relevant as they have ever been! Make sure the keywords you choose have relevance to the overall theme of your website. They should be in sync with the actual content of your website.

3. Quality will rule the roost., and other websites have deleted much of their content. Why? Because most of which they had was sub-standard, completely unacceptable according to Google. If you publish content, it ought to have quality.

4. Article Directories have been revamped and expect better links. So far, they were known to have badly rated content. They would accept articles from almost anywhere. Things have changed. If the quality is absent, the write ups will not be considered.

5. Get yours to link with authority sites. Google is very fond of such websites. Whenever such websites point towards a site, Google always takes a close note of it. Write good articles and submit them to websites like SiteProNews, WebProNews, PromotionWorld, SearchEngineJournal etc.

6. Google takes social media very seriously. So should you! Participating on social media exposes your content further to a wider audience!

7. Too many advertisements on web pages can be trouble. Quality content rather than too many advertisements would do better on them.

8. Images work, but limited ones! There should be a meaningful proportion between content on websites and images on them!

9. Google loves videos. So should you! Videos have had a role to play in the SERPs of Google. Use them in SEO campaigns well.

10. Balance your blogs. Let the content in them have some meat. Editing them to keep them crisp may be wise, but not the wisest. The size should be reasonable, but the meat in it should be the finest.

11. The age of the domain is very important. Though its role is not highlighted too much in SEO, still they say new domains or fresh acquired ones have a better chance of doing well.

Hope this helps as you set out to rule the world.

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