MSN Yahoo Optimization: What Is The Difference?

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The yahoo search engine and MSN search engine are two first fast rising search engines, with huge corporate backings and can be seen as a major challenge with the search leader Google, as some say. With the huge potential of Yahoo and Microsoft to pour hung financial and marketing support, their search engine effort can be a various competition in the feature, they say.

The search optimization techniques that work in Yahoo search engine can also work very well with MSN search as many of the optimization methods work well for both search engines. We will walk through with these optimization efforts to get a good overview of what works well for both and what work differently.

Both Yahoo search and MSN search engines put goo importance on contents. Incoming links may be important for both but they place more importance of keyword rich contents, both favoring or scoring high search engine rankings for contents rich in keywords over the value of the links.
High usage of keywords or their synonyms in the content body and page may result in getting high ranking capabilities for the search term.

Although this may constitute a bit of keyword stuffing but writing for the users can also do well for the search engines, especially if the keywords phrases come naturally and not forced into the content body.

Yahoo and MSN prefer a separate and unique page title for every web page in your site and the keywords include in these titles. Including one or two keywords in the page title is still alright, although including many of these keywords can already be considered spam.

Meta tags are not seriously considered in Google but these are considered in Yahoo and MSN search engines. Both of these search engines place considerable weight on the use of meta tags on every page of your website and making certain that these meta tags are considered keywords as well, can place that site high in the search engine's rankings.

The title tags are likewise important optimization elements in both Yahoo and MSN. Description tags with the corresponding keywords can also add to the search engine ranking capabilities in both search engines.

Keywords in your domain name will be of good value in both search engines. Although both may not be very strict on keyword inclusions but keyword stuffing on the domain URL may trigger on filter on the search engines.

Although links may be lesser in degree of importance in both search engines but links can work well with both. Anchor text links with the keywords are very important.

The only difference between the two probably is the issue on directory inclusions. Yahoo place more importance on your listings on Yahoo directory while MSN also in their own.

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