Google Optimization: Does It Help With Optimizing In MSN?

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Google may be the dominant search engine, and that is already acknowledged, but you cannot also underestimate the potential of MSN search. Probably it is now also high time to value site optimization techniques for MSN as well as you value your optimization with Google.

It is a fact that most optimization efforts done on a website are done towards getting high search rankings in Google. Now, with the marketing and financial efforts done by the giant Microsoft Company behind the revised MSN search, it is now probably the right time to rank well in MSN search also.

There are slight differences though, and this may be in slight differences in search algorithms and the way they rank websites, and not directly opposed differences. While there may be standard optimization methods that are good in Google, these may be methods solved also in MSN.

MSN search cannot anymore be just ignored because of the potential marketing power that Microsoft will pour in to this. Some of the similarities and differences of Google optimization and MSN optimization techniques are summarized below.

  • It is very well known that Google's search algorithm places more value on links such that good link building strategies will rank highly on a website on Google's search engine. MSN meanwhile places more value on keywords and contents, more than it places a value on the links to a website.
  • While links may be of value also, especially if the links are keyword rich, it can be more important if a balance is made on these elements if you want to optimize in MSN search. A balanced approach to these techniques can make you rank higher in both search engines.
  • Keyword rich content will be ranked high by Google but act if there are too many keyword inclusions. In MSN there is a high tolerance in the inclusion of keywords and high keyword usage is encouraged in their search algorithm.
  • MSN values page titles very well, and this optimization technique also goes well with Google. Fresh content pages are valued by Google search engine and this also goes the same with MSN.
  • The MSN search engine values on page content and regular updating of these contents will be good with search engine ranking efforts on MSN. Although what is valued more here are the keyword very rich inclusions made, fresh updating of contents are also valued in Google.
  • Google places more value on links from reputable sites. MSN meanwhile place more value in keyword rich anchor text links.
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