SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

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The visibility of a particular web page of a particular web site in the internet can be improved highly with the help of SEO that is Search Engine Optimization. There are a number of processes by which a web page can be optimized. The term optimization brings to our mind a meaning that denotes getting optimum results out of something. The most widely used method for doing this is the natural / unpaid method. This method is also known as the algorithmic method or organic search result method. As we all know Google is among the most used and sought after search engine. When as individual search a particular thing on the internet, he or she needs a platform for doing so. Google acts as a platform and so it is known as a search engine. The work of the process of SEO is to optimize a search engine and so it is known as search engine optimization.

When a layman enters a data in Google to search information on the same, he or she can see a number of results coming up. However in most of the cases the first result is viewed by the searcher. And thus the site or result that comes first gets the most number of visitors. The work of a search engine optimizer is to increase the number of visitor to a particular online web site and also try to bring that site to the top of the search result. For doing this the first step is to increase the page rank of the various pages of different web sites. A page rank plays a big role in enhancing the work of an SEO. It is denoted by PR and there are a number of processes to increase the PR. The web sites needs to be content rich so that the work of SEO becomes easier. The contents in the web sites will have some articles, news, blogs, stories, images and lot of extra things in it. And on basis of these elements the search engine optimizer increases the page rank. An search engine optimizer gives a website its web presence.

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