Web development and web hosting - Important need of the online society

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After internet marketing and E commerce can into existence the trading facilities available online; have become much more convenient and easier. Web development is a process (both long term and short term process) that is used to develop a particular web page or web site that is a part of the internet. There are a number of sub processes which are a part of this procedure named as web development. However web development includes web content development, web design, client liaison, web server, client-side/server-side scripting, e-commerce development and network security configuration. This is not all. There are many sub parts for these too. All these developments and configurations complete a total process of a web page development or web development.

However the HTML coding and writing are the two major aspects of web development. Without these two the project work of web pages development will remain incomplete. There is another very important part of web development that has to be taken care of by the web developers. That is the web hosting part. Internet web hosting services are those facilities that give the opportunities to the layman to create their own web sites and make it possible for the World Wide Web or internet to access these sites.

Web hosting is a process that allows the owner of a web site to buy the space in the server of the data centres and also allows him or her to connect to the internet servers. There are a number of types of web hosting. For example:-

  • Free web hosting services: It is obtainable from different companies along with some limited services.
  • Shared web hosting services: When one's web site is located on the same internet server where many other web sites' server also exists is then it is known as Shared web hosting services. These shared servers have the same RAM and the CPU.
  • Reseller web hosting services: It allows customers to become webhosts all by themselves. Reseller's web hosting services can do tasks for their individual domains.
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