This One Mistake Cost Me $3000 This Year

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I just got done posting What Drug Dealers Teach Us About Internet Marketing

And after I hit submit I realized something. If there is one thing you will learn very quckly in internet marketing is that hope is not a viable marketing plan. I can not over state this one point.

Hope is not an action plan.

I spent around $3000 this year on my internet marketing training because I hoped that the next shiny tool, software, or piece of advice would do half of what it promised. That is a lot of hoping.

But what I learned, and it cost me some money to learn it, is that HOPE is not an action plan. Hope does not put money in your pocket, hope does not pay a bill, hope does not get you from here to their.

Now I have been on the streets, dealt and done drugs, and everything between. I know what it means to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. I have sat in AA meetings and everything else. I know that hope heals and causes people to carry on. BUT IT IS NOT A ACTION PLAN

You can not be...
  • Hoping that you make a sale
  • hoping that you get rich
  • hoping that somehow you will make it
  • hoping you make enough to pay a bill
  • hoping you make enough to quit your job
  • hope~hope~hope

THAT Is not a plan...

What you need to answer is...
  • How many articles are you writing
  • How many backlinks are you generating
  • How many affiliates are you promoting
  • How many days a week are you working your plan
  • How many products are you creating

In other words quit hoping that this is going to work out and start needing this to work out. Those who make it in a larger majority are those who need for it to work out.
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