Do It Yourself .GOV and .EDU Backlinking

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I have worked with a lot of brick and mortar companies over the years helping them with their Google placement. And Over the last year, I started placing all this information into packets and web sites.

I have even taken my proven service of backlinking and made it available for everyone. This is a hands free backlinking service

But when it comes to doing backlinking yourself it really is not that hard.

Forum Links Are Hard To Get Indexed!

First thing to mention is that when you go after .EDU and .Gov links you must understand that these are usually forum links. Now there is a lot of myth and mis-information out there on forum links, but the truth be known that they are hard to get ranked. When I say they are hard, I am saying that they are the most difficult to get indexed or be seen by Google.

If you were to track the links in any forum linking service, you will have about a 9% stick rate. Or about 9% of your links will be seen and stick after a 50-60 days. This has been tested.

If you use a paid indexing service for your links you could expect around a 30% stick rate.

So keep that in mind as we talk about these links.

.Gov and .EDU Are Not Like Other Forum Links!

When you set out to get these links the rules change a little bit. You can bomb forums all day long if you wish, and because of the volume, it might be ok to get a 9% stick rate. But why waist a .GOV and .EDU link? You want to make sure that when you go after these links that you follow the rules that are tested and tried to give you a much higher stick rate.

What I have learned and proved is that these links will last a lifetime, that is if you dont spam them. Also the spammers will be weeded out very quickly, their links will be deleted.

.GOV and .EDU links require two steps

What I have seen and learned is that when you are going after these links, and even High PR sites, like PR5 and above, you need to make it a two step process. When the I or the people I know do it this way, they see a huge increase in their SERP. I talk about this two step backlinking process here.

You Can Increase Your Stick Rate

You follow the two step process mentioned above you are going to see that you have a much higher stick rate. In other words your links wont get deleted, and they will be there for a long~~long time. I mean we are sitting in 2011, and I have seen links built two or three years ago still giving much needed link juice to sites we have.

Tips For These Links
  • Dont Spam or you will lose your link
  • Create your links in a two step process
  • Make sure you enter these manually-dont use a program for these
  • It does not matter if the link is in the same niche...people will say that it does, but it does not.
  • You can build more than two links a day. In order to be hurt by google you would need to build thousands of links a day.
  • Dont worry about your links being seen by link checkers. Most of the time your links wont even be picked up or seen in link checkers for months after...always check your progress by ranking, not link numbers. Trust me Google sees and gives you credit for your links way before any linker checker does.

Bonus For Those Who Made It This Far

Ok that should get you started with do it yourself backlinking. Make sure you take your time, do it right, and follow the two step process, and you will see your site climb and be in the top spots of Google. I have a BONUS for those who read this article, I am giving away 60 EDU sites that will take any site to the top of google. They are an added bonus for those who use the two step process. You Can Get Them Here
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