Why Your Blog Is NOT Making Money

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I recently wrote an article titled 19 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money And How To Fix Them

Crazy long title I know. But I wanted to highlight a few of them here.

Step Away From The Ledge: One thing I notice with people who try to make money online is that they jump from one thing to the next. I know because I use to be that person. But what I learned, and learned well...because I made money today with my blog...is that being consistent is key. Sometimes even being consistent in not the right thing is better than being non-consistent in nothing. So be consistent. I show you how in the above article.

Show Me The Money There are a lot of people who blog and produce great content THAT NEVER MAKE A DIME. Which brings up the question...who are you writing to? Is the market your in a market where people spend money. Are you using the right words within that market. I don't care where you are fishing for dollars, if your fishing where their are no fish, you don't eat. I talk more about this in the above article.

You don't Convert Squat You need a conversion process in place. This is a little bit to long to walk through here, but you need a process that you can send countless numbers of people through everyday. Not just any process, but a process that works. I spell out the process in the article.

You just dont get any traffic. This is number one! You have to have traffic. Now I mention twitter, facebook, and all the social platforms. But not in the way you would suspect. If that is what you are using for traffic, then you are more than likely not making money. I know that's not the sexy thing to say, but I walk you through that in the article.

You sell what people want NOT what they need...this is the one thing that has changed my entire wealth. I never believed it and did not want to do it, but once I did do it, everything changed.

For instance, the man who has taught me this and showed me how to implement it in my own business is Lee. He is one of the good guys in marketing and he is high on my respect needle.

But he put together a video that changed the game...it's a controversial video that reveals what it REALLY takes to build a massive online business from scratch...

During his short video Lee outlines the BRUTAL TRUTH why most beginner marketers DON'T make even one cent online.

YES it's a tad controversial...BUT if you want to discover how to build a SEVEN FIGURE online business from scratch in the shortest time possible then check out the video now...FREE Video On How To Build Online Business From Scratch

Ok I hope that helps a little bit
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