How To Create a Compelling Squeeze Page

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How To Create a Compelling Squeeze Page

Your first step in building a big list is creating a lead-pulling squeeze page. To do that, you need the following elements:
  1. A headline with a big benefit that also (preferably) arouses the reader’s curiosity.
  2. Body copy and a list of benefits that gives the reader a strong reason why they should join your list.
  3. A strong call to action.

Let’s look at each of these separately…

1) A Compelling Headline

Your headline is the most important part of your entire squeeze page. That’s because if the headline doesn’t do its job – which is to get the prospect to read the rest of your copy – then your entire squeeze page might as well not even exist.

Too often, marketers make the mistake of trying to sell their products, services and even free newsletter subscriptions in the headline. Don’t even attempt it…you don’t have enough room to do that anyway.

Instead, tempt your prospects with a compelling benefit and arouse curiosity in an effort to make them keep reading. Grab them by the shirt collar and drag them into their copy. If your headline “sucks” them into the rest of your copy, you’ll have plenty of time to use your best persuasion tactics to get their subscription.

Example: “Discover FOR FREE How a 45 Year Old Waitress Lost 30 Pounds Without Dieting… And How YOU Can Too!”

This example includes a benefit and uses the word “free” (which is a trigger word, and arouses curiosity). You can see another example on this squeeze page

2) Reason-Why Copy and Benefit List

Once you’ve pulled your prospect into your copy, then you need to sell them on joining your list. That means giving them strong reasons why they should join, with a strong emphasis on a bulleted benefit list that catches the eye.
Think of your bulleted benefits like mini-headlines: Each of them should promise a benefit and, preferably, arouse curiosity.

Example: “* Turn to page 12 to discover the common herb that wards off the common cold!”

In this section of your squeeze page you’ll want to include proof of your claims as well as social proof such as testimonials from your other newsletter subscribers.

3) A Strong Call to Action

Finally, your squeeze page should end with a strong call to action. This is where you specifically tell your prospects exactly what you want them to.
Common sense suggests that if you have a strong headline and strong, benefitladen copy, then prospects would be eager to join your list – and they’d know exactly what to do. But tests have also repeatedly proven that telling prospects EXACTLY what to do increases your conversion rate.

Example: “Fill in your first name and email address below and click “submit” to join get your free weight loss report now!”

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Hope that helps
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