Google Panda - The Bear Facts

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Well I really don't know the facts about Panda. Just a cursory read on what it is. Based on the few statistics I read from Google it didn't seem to me it was having a major impact percent wise, of course 12% of a billion is still a lot. But lets face it. Google is just trying to make itself what it is intended to be, a search engine with quality results.

A human nature would have it, it seems there are always those trying to outsmart the system and find the easy way to make a buck or two. This has created the practice of practicing whatever to get your site well ranked.

A few years ago I used a product called SBI. Its a site service. But one of their mantras is content, content, content. If you put good content on your site you are going to get better rankings. Sure it will take work to get to page one, especially if you are in a competitive niche and there are no guarantees.

But there is one thing I bet is a guarantee or close to it. IF you run a good site, with good original content you won't have to worry about the next Google shift.

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