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Are you a fan of Mashable and the Huffington Post? If so perhaps you have noticed the DISQUS comment system they use on their blogs. These are pretty high profile blogs so maybe you have asked yourself the question "should I use the DISQUS system on my blog?" Here are some details about this system to help you make your decision.

Here is what I like about the system. First you have the ability to do threaded replies in the comments. This encourages commentators to interact with each other not just with the blog owner. The indexing makes it easy to track discussions and sub-discussions. This is probably the most valuable feature of DISQUS in my opinion.

It also displays the Gravatar pictues linked to the email addresses that commentators leave. This adds a more personal and visually appealing effect to your blog. However, the ability to pull Gravatar images is included in most wordpress comment systems so this is not that unique a feature.

DISQUS also integrates with most social media as well. Here are some examples.

Please visit here to read the full review on DISQUS.
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