List Building Sucks--Or Does It

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List Building Sucks—Or Does It

If you hate list building as much as I do, then you have to check out this FREE WEBSITE that builds your list for you…I am not overhyping this, it is insane…and it works…check it out…

I have to admit that I hate list building, and I even hate some of the methods we see when it comes to building lists. Like ad swap methods. I don’t want a lot of subscribers, I want a buyers on my list. I am not saying that all ad swaps are bad, but I don’t want just clicks, I want people that are truly willing to work to get their name and business off the ground.

But That’s a lot easier to say than to actually accomplish. But it is a mind shift you have to make. You have to decide, do you want a 60,000 subscriber list filled with people who do not open nor buy from you, or would you rather have a list of 500 that opens and buys stuff off your list?

If you are going for a large list of non-buyers, have fun, because in a month you will be saying the same thing, list building sucks. But if you change your mindset and begin to work a process of getting buyers on your list, then everything changes.

I actually don’t let people on my “selling list” unless they purchase a seven dollar product from me. But, once they do, they get over ten hours of training on how to drive traffic to their site. So it is a real product that nets real results.

The point is that I have people who have purchased from me and they will buy again. But I start out with a product that does not break the bank. We start out with a product that is easy and less than someone would spend at McDonalds. And I am giving people all the methods I use for generating massive amounts of traffic everyday.

But why is this important, because you know you are only dealing with people who are serious about their business, that they have a credit card that works, and that you see that you have established some sort of credibility that has caused them to purchase.

Not to mention they are now on your list…a list of buyers and not a list of people who want something for free.

If you are serious about building a solid list then check out this FREE WEBSITE that I use everyday to get over 30 new opt in’s a day. Yes you can get yours for free as well.
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